‘LPBW’ Fans Appalled By Tori Roloff Calling Lilah A Liar

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Little People, Big World fans adore Lilah Roloff, but her mom, Tori Roloff seems to have some problems with her only daughter. Some TLC fans feel appalled because she not only disses the child on her podcast, but she makes a big deal about small things, in their opinion.

Tori Roloff Wanted An Average-Sized Daughter?

Some fans got the feeling that although Zach Roloff’s wife said she was grateful after Lilah’s C-Section, she’d have preferred an average-sized baby. Well, these days she has three little people kids. Jackson seems to be her favorite, closely followed by Josiah, the youngest. The middle child seems less favored, although she does shout out her achievements from time to time.

Lilah Roloff with her dad, Zach - Little People, Big World - YouTube
Lilah Roloff with her dad, Zach – Little People, Big World – YouTube

Tori Roloff and her husband Zach started their Raising Heights podcast and confirmed they had stopped filming for Little People, Big World. There, they talked about all sorts of things. From dating through to her dad’s reaction to Zach, they unroll a lot of things. This week, they spoke about how awful people think they shouldn’t breed children because of potential skeletal issues.

Little People, Big World Fans Discuss Lilah’s Dissing

On Reddit, a TLC fan seemed upset with Tori. They said in their caption:

Todays podcast…Still only halfway through but Tori pointed out twice that Lilah lied… she’s like so offended and disappointed and goes on to compliment the boys. Mind you I like their podcast and Tori but the more I watch and she nitpicks her daughter the more I start to dislike her…She never had one negative thing to say about Jackson and sorry but he’s not perfect and I’m sure he does things belittle she never points it out, she does it mostly to Lilah.

Tori Roloff discusses the kids on 'Raising Heights' - Instagram
Tori Roloff discusses the kids on ‘Raising Heights’ – Instagram

In the comments section, Little People Big World fans agreed that it seemed bad. However, in fairness, some people mentioned that not every kid is the same, and Lilah Roloff might be a “button pusher” for Tori Roloff. Here are a few other comments:

  • Tori wanted her daughter to be average size. She’s never fully accepted the disappointment. She’ll never be able to take her out as part of her squad.
  • Jackson is the golden child. Lilah was a disappointment the second Tori found out she was an LP.
  • I don’t think Tori likes girls. She was so concerned about Lilah being a girl LP that she would get picked on more because she said girls are mean.
  • Jackson is the ✨golden child✨

What are your thoughts on Tori Roloff dissing Lilah Roloff on her podcast? Do you think that she just doesn’t get on with her because she wasn’t born average-sized? And, is it that big a deal if a kid tells little lies? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Little People, Big World news.

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