‘Bachelor’ Alum Sarah Herron Welcomes Premature Twins

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Bachelor alum Sarah Herron shared a huge update with fans on social media. She has been pregnant with twin girls and just shared she gave birth. The girls were born prematurely. Keep reading to get all the details.

Sarah Herron Gives Birth To Twins

Bachelor alum Sarah Herron has been sharing her IVF pregnancy with fans and now has shared the biggest update yet. She went to Instagram to share that she and her husband Dylan Brown welcomed their twin girls early.

Sarah shared that she gave birth on July 1. Their fraternal twin girls are little fighters and get stronger every day in the NICU.

She said, “World, meet Everette Rae & Colette Rose (Evy & Coco) born July 1st 2024. Fraternal twin sisters, our little 32-weekers took us all by surprise a whopping 7.5 weeks early. We’re all adjusting to life in the NICU as we have a long road ahead of us — undeniably filled with twists and turns — but the girls are fighters and getting stronger every day—we all are.”

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She went on to say, “We’re so grateful for our care team and any continued prayers for our tiny warriors. Today’s plan: Sleep, breathe and grow! Welcome to the world little ones! My heart is completely outside of my body for these two miracles.”


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Twins Birth Comes After Losing Their Son

In January 2023, Sarah Herron and Dylan Brown tragically lost their son when she was 24 weeks pregnant. He was born and passed away in his father’s arms shortly after birth.

Sarah continues to honor their son Oliver and feels he is always giving them reminders and signs.

The week before the twins made their debut, Sarah kept seeing double rainbows.


After losing Oliver and then going through IVF to have the twins, she shared at the beginning that it was hard to be excited about it all.

She was scared and also just felt Oliver’s loss as well. At the time Sarah said, “I don’t feel like coming on and talking about symptoms and bumpdates and pregnancy in the way that I used to because I think there’s just trauma, and you approach pregnancy after loss in a completely different way and you have a different respect for other women who have gone through loss or are trying to conceive.”

Congrats to Sarah and Dylan on their twins. Continue to send them encouraging thoughts as they cheer on their babies in the NICU.

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