‘7 Little Johnstons’ Why Fans Think Amber Johnston’s A Sad, Sick Person

Trent and Amber Johnston - TLC - YouTube

Amber Johnston took to her daughter’s baby, Leighton very well and she gave more updates than Elizabeth, “Liz” Johnston, the child’s mother. This week, 7 Little Johnstons fans discussed Amber and her grandchild, and some of them decided that she seems like a sadly sick sort of woman.

Amber Johnston Wanted A Little Person Baby

When Trent Johnston heard about the scan, he didn’t care if Liz had any other news. Instead, he just wanted to know if Leighton would be a little person or not. A lot of conversations arose about the baby’s average size. Liz wanted a little person, and so did her mother. Now, TLC fans are talking about Amber and her reasons for wanting a little person, among other things.

7 Little Johnstons - Liz Johnston's baby, Leighton - Amber Johnston Facebook
7 Little Johnstons – Liz Johnston’s baby, Leighton – Amber Johnston Facebook

Amber Johnston only gave birth to two children, Jonah and Liz Johnston. The other three kids were adopted. Alex came from Korea, Emma from China, and Anna from Russia. Many people accuse their mom of having favorites. And so far, it seems as if Leighton is her favorite. But Leighton is not her baby.

Angry 7 Little Johnstons Fans Slam Amber

Some fans expected that sooner or later there would be a problem between Liz Johnston and her mother over who the actual parent is. However, it seems as if in the matriarch’s mind, she was always the mom of Leighton. On Reddit, a 7 Little Johnstons fan noticed that she talked about Liz Johnston’s child as if she were the mom. At the time, the baby hadn’t been born yet.

Amber Johnston - Youtube - 7 Little Johnstons
Amber Johnston – Youtube – 7 Little Johnstons

Slamming Amber Johnston, the OP wrote:

“I’ve never had an average sized baby!”
Watching a rerun. Amber explaining why she was rooting for a LP baby. Amber, newsflash: THIS ISN’T YOUR BABY. That woman is sick.

TLC fans quickly formed a thread in the discussion and some of them made some interesting points. Here are some of their comments.

  • Seriously. Her behavior is sad.
  • Imagine wishing for a grandbaby of yours to be born with a lifelong disability. Ya she’s a horrible human.
  • She is super sick. She is the one that draws the distinction of LP and she’s the one that has insecurities about it, no one else cares… But that baby is sure gonna understand the difference between b–ch and overcontrolling mother, and those who are not. Liz is going to end up being totally hands-off because Amber‘s gonna make it that way.
  • Brice needs to grow a spine. I hope his parents don’t allow Amber to take over.

What are your thoughts about Amber Johnston’s attitude toward the baby? Do you agree that she seems to be a sadly sick sort of person? Do you think that she will eventually become the main mother to Leighton? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here often for all your 7 Little Johnstons news. 

James Michael


  1. Yes, Amber is extremely bossy it’s her way or the highway! Trent is almost as bad. I don’t think Liz or Brice were asked to move in with Amber & Trent they were TOLD. And it will take a huge move for Liz & Brice to be able to move out…a massive volcanic melt down between Liz and Amber! I mean Amber even chose Liz’s Dr. for God’s sake. And yet I continue to watch! My bad….

  2. she should mind her own business and take care of her own family she has home. she is very bossy just because she done this her way doesnt mean Liz & brice have to do the same, they have find their own paths and learn. they should of never moved in with trent & amber

  3. Look no farther than how Amber treats Anna! Amber enjoys being the center of attention. When you’re a mother of a lot of kids, you become a control freak, but your life isn’t put into millions of homes to be evaluated! I found it sad that they were upset. Their baby wasn’t going to have a disability. I understand them not being sad if she had been a little person, but to be sad that she won’t have the struggles that someone with audwarfism has, a little disturbing

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