‘Summer House’ Lindsay Hubbard Shares Why Baby Daddy Stays Hidden

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Summer House star, Lindsay Hubbard is explaining why her baby daddy is staying hidden. On July 4th, 2024, she shared that she was expecting her first baby. Yet, she did not disclose who the father was other than he was her boyfriend and they were very excited. Now, she is giving more insight into whether or not he will ever come out of the shadows. Keep reading for more details.

Summer House Lindsay Hubbard Shares Why Baby Daddy Stays Hidden

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke were the talk of Bravo when they ended their engagement. This happened just as filming for Season 8 of Summer House was coming to an end. There was so much to unpack as viewers watched the demise of their relationship after they had called it all off. More so, Carl had sent out messages to guests without Lindsay’s consent. This was a destination wedding so he had offered to pay for some of the expenses accrued. At the same time, some people still opted to make a vacation out of it.

Lindsay Hubbard-Instagram
Lindsay Hubbard-Instagram

On what was to be her wedding day, Lindsay was seen out with Johnny Bananas. There were also rumors that she was dating country singer, Dustin Lynch, and fans wondered if he would pop up on Summer House. She has since proceeded to sell her wedding dresses for charity and now, she is pregnant. At the same time, Lindsay will be coming back for Season 9 of the hit Bravo summer series. So, why is her baby daddy staying in the dark? According to People, it all has to do with his profession.


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Lindsay Hubbard shared that he will stay lowkey because he has a “high-powered job.” This sounds very reminiscent of Lala Kent and Randall Emmett when they first started dating and he would not appear on Vanderpump Rules. The expectant mother said this:

“He’s a private person, mostly because of his high-powered job. Obviously, I’m a very public [person] and share pretty much every aspect of my life with the world, so I know it’s weird. But I need to respect his privacy here.”

This is not the first time Lindsay and her mystery man have been together. They dated three and a half years ago and then fell back into things in December 2023.

What About Summer House?

Lindsay Hubbard seemed fairly happy when she appeared on the Season 8 Summer House reunion. She had found love and was done with Carl Radke. Yes, she knew she was pregnant at the time, something she discovered just weeks prior to filming. Both Lindsay and her partner were beyond thrilled with this news which made it even sweeter:

“Obviously, it was a surprise and a shock at first because we were not trying or even planning, but we had some honest conversations and it just felt so right for both of us. He’s just so excited to be a dad and proud to be having a child with me. It just means the world to have someone like him by my side.”

Now that Lindsay is back to filming the show, will her boyfriend make appearances to check in with her? That is unknown but the way she speaks about his job, it seems more likely that she will have to leave occasionally. This will work out as she can go to doctor’s appointments and be with her man.

Do you understand why he is staying under the radar or do you think that there is more to it? Let us know in the comments below.

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