Rachel Recchia Opens Up About Needing More Breast Surgery

Rachel Recchia/Credit: ABC YouTube

Bachelorette star Rachel Recchia candidly shared every step of a breast reduction surgery in 2023. She recently revealed that she is going under the knife again for more breast surgery. Keep reading for all the details.

Rachel Recchia Opens Up About Needing Another Breast Surgery

Bachelor Nation fans first met Rachel Recchia as a contestant on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor. Clayton came under fire that season for sleeping with two of his final three women despite being in love with the third, Susie Evans.

Rachel and the other finalist, Gabby Windey, were joint Bachelorettes on Season 19. They both got engaged at the end of the season but neither relationship lasted long. Gabby is now dating a woman after coming out. Rachel unsuccessfully tried to find love on Season 9 of Bachelor In Paradise.

Rachel Recchia/Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Between filming The Bachelorette and BIP, Rachel Recchia had surgery for a breast reduction. She vulnerably shared the reasons why she wanted to decrease her breast size, something she had been wanting to do since she was a teenager.

Just a year after the first surgery, she is going under the knife again later this summer. According to bachelornation.com, Rachel informed her followers about the decision in an Instagram Q&A.

“I’ve been holding off on telling you guys, but I am actually getting a revision on my reduction in August. I am so happy with the results of my first reduction, but a year later I decided to correct some regrowth I’ve experienced naturally.”

She shared that both her social media followers and doctors advised her that regrowth was a possibility. How does it happen?

What Causes Regrowth

Rachel Recchia shared with fans who might not know that breast tissue can grow back after a reduction. She revealed that she noticed the growth after she lost weight and wasn’t happy about the size. She decided to have another surgery to get to the size she’s comfortable with.

Rachel Recchia and Katie Thurston/Credit: Rachel Recchia Instagram
Rachel Recchia and Katie Thurston/Credit: Instagram

Rachel Recchia shared that regrowth can be caused by several things, including “pregnancy, weight gain, hormones, etc.” In her case she suspected it was from something going on with her hormones.

“I’m also definitely looking into my hormones to see if that could be the issue for me too. I have been able to connect with so many of you by being open with this process, so I want to be honest with you all and show everyone that it isn’t always perfect!”

The second surgery is schedule for August.

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