‘Love Island USA’ Fans Baffled Over Aaron Evans’ Behavior

Aaron Evans

Fans of Love Island USA are baffled over Aaron Evans’ behavior during his time at Casa Amour. There has already been a ton of drama on the show. However, more has just unfolded, and fans are so disappointed in the men and their behavior. Aaron is not the only one fans are disappointed in. Kordell Beckham has upset some fans as well. Keep reading to find out more about this.

Drama Starts With Rob

Love Island USA has been full of drama from the get-go. Rob was initially coupled up with Leah. Fans loved the two of them together and wanted to see them last. However, when Andrea came in as a bombshell, Rob’s head turned. He ultimately ended up choosing Andrea. However, the girls got the choice to send someone home and they chose to send Andrea home. This confused a lot of people. The boys instantly blamed Leah and Liv for the elimination. Rob seemed to be heartbroken over Andrea leaving. However, instead of leaving with her, he decided to stay and has not stopped talking to women since.

Love Island
Love Island

Aaron Evans Upsets Fans

Kaylor and Aaron were a fan-favorite couple. Kaylor was all in on Aaron. Viewers thought he felt the same way about her. However, that is not the case. The boys got to decide if they wanted to go to Casa Amour or stay in The Villa. All of them decided to go to Casa. Fans did not expect Aaron to do what he did. He immediately latched onto Daniella. They then started kissing and cuddling. He even mentioned that he loves her. Viewers are not happy with his behavior in the slightest.

The girls then received a video of what the boys were doing in Casa. Serena got to see Kordell feeling all up on Daia. Kaylor got to see a conversation in Spanish between Aaron and Daniella and them being a little too cozy. She was upset, rightfully so. However, they did not show her the worst part of what he was doing.

It seems that people expected Aaron to stay loyal to Kaylor. However, they were suspicious the second he had the choice to stay in The Villa with her and did not. He was also on The Traitors UK which makes fans think he is only here to play the game and win money, not for love. While they have certain feelings towards Aaron, everyone is upset for Kaylor. She had put all of her eggs in one basket and her heart broke. What do you think about his behavior? Sound off in the comments below.

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