‘Love Island’ Fans Demand Ariana Madix Chest Scar Remain Unedited

Ariana Madix-YouTube

Love Island USA fans are demanding that host, Ariana Madix’s chest scar remain unedited. On the show, it is not a problem but in the promo pics, there is no evidence it ever existed. This would not have been a problem for viewers had the scar not been a vital part of Ariana’s life and have told such an important story. So, what is behind her Photoshopped scar? Keep reading for more details.

Love Island Fans Demand Ariana Madix Chest Scar Remain Unedited

It was a dream for Ariana Madix to host Love Island. In fact, she only ever wanted a partner who would binge-watch the hit reality series with her. Essentially, it was her love language. When she and her closest friends would indulge in the show, they joke about her being the host one day. In Season 5, Ariana made an appearance and when Sarah Hyland had a scheduling conflict for Season 6, the choice was clear. Ariana was picked as the new host and viewers love her.

Ariana Madix-YouTube
Ariana Madix-YouTube

Though she is not on the show often, when she does appear, she leaves her mark. Ariana shows up in killer outfits, amazing hair, and sets the Villa on fire. However, there’s one thing that has ruffled viewers’ feathers. Ariana had melanoma on her chest and, when it was removed, it left a scar. In some promo photos for the show, the scar has been edited out. Fans do not like this as they feel it is vital to who Ariana is and tells an amazing story.


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A Reddit thread was soon started to address this as the OP wrote:

  • Her story is so important!! I wish they wouldn’t edit out her scar in these promo photos.

So, how did other fans feel?

  • They edited everything else so why not lol. Just Love Island tings.
  • I didn’t even know about her scar
  • Ariana is a goddess
  • It’s so weird how this was never mentioned on VPR
  • Okay but her face?! Filler or photoshop?

Maybe She Wanted It?

Some Ariana Madix fans had no idea about the melanoma or the scar. They wondered why this was not a bigger plot point on Vanderpump Rules. Especially since Ariana was so open about her body insecurities and how she would cover herself in makeup before going to the beach. However, some questioned if she asked for the scar to be covered or edited. So, maybe it was a personal choice and everyone is slamming production. In the end, she looks amazing and this post is just raising awareness about what she went through. Hopefully, it can serve as a wake-up call.

Did you have any idea that Ariana Madix had a melanoma scar on her chest? More so, do you think she asked for it to be covered or was it someone else’s doing? Let us know and watch Love Island USA streaming on Peacock.

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