‘General Hospital’ Cody & Mac Storyline Exploding Soon

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General Hospital fans got excited when John J. York returned to the show as Mac. However, this opens up a chance for Cody to reveal his connection to Mac. There is just one problem: this could ruin things for Cody, which is one reason it hasn’t happened yet.

Josh Kelly explained why it is taking so long for the soap opera to do anything to reveal this to fans and that it’s all about anticipation.

Josh Kelly On John J. York’s Illness

When asked about John. J. York’s return to General Hospital, Josh Kelly said he is thrilled to see his on-screen dad return to Port Charles. This is great news not only for the storylines but also for York himself. In real life, he underwent a stem cell transplant as he battles two forms of cancer.

John J. York
John J. York

“I try to stay optimistic in situations like this and primarily focus on the best-case scenario,” Josh said (via Soap Opera Digest). “But I was scared.” He also said he had so many “emotions” when he learned about York’s health problems. However, he said the illness brought him closer to his co-star.

“We had just started really bonding, going on hikes and stuff together,” Josh said about their relationship before York left the show for his hiatus. He said he kept checking in on York and wishing him well. York kept him updated, but Josh wouldn’t lose touch and ensured he was there for his friend.

Then, the good news came.

“That day I got a script saying that I had a scene with Mac. It was great!” Josh remembers. “When I found out that he was actually coming back, it made me so happy.”

Now, it is time for the storylines to continue.

Josh Kelly On General Hospital’s Cody/Mac Situation

Josh Kelly also knows it is time to return to work with York. The two are father and son on General Hospital, but they have some dirt that will eventually come to the surface, and it could really hurt Cody.

Cody hid the fact he was Mac’s biological son since 2022. Cody still won’t tell Mac the truth, even with him back on the show. “Cody’s feelings toward Mac’s family have gotten deeper, and he’s really entrenching himself into their lives, so it’s like he’s digging his own grave [the longer he lies to Mac about their true relationship],” Josh said.

Josh said that Cody is still ashamed of everything he did and knows he is a liar. He also knows he has a good thing going, and when he tells the truth, it could ruin everything. Don’t expect General Hospital to spring that right away because things should get explosive when it happens.

Are you excited to see John J. York back as Mac on General Hospital? What do you see happening in the Cody and Mac situation on the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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