‘Family Feud’ Steve Harvey Unrecognizable With Shocking Look

Family Feud: Steve Harvey

Family Feud host Steve Harvey has mastered his iconic look of fancy suits and his trademark mustache. However, while on vacation in Italy, the popular game show host and comedian looks completely unrecognizable. So, how does Harvey look when he’s off the clock and in vacation mode?

Family Feud: Fans Are Used To Seeing Steve Harvey’s Trademark Look

If you’re in the entertainment business long enough, those select few with longevity get the honor of crafting their signature look. Whether it’s a hairstyle, a certain way of dressing, or sometimes, even a memorable catchphrase, certain people are recognized no matter where they go for their particular brand or schtick.

When it comes to Steve Harvey, he has become known for a few things over the years. Particularly since becoming the host of Family Feud, Harvey has been all about the flashy suits. You never know exactly what he is going to step out onto the set wearing.

Family Feud: Steve Harvey
Family Feud: Steve Harvey/YouTube

Harvey’s Iconic Mustache Is Something You Can’t Miss

Of course, the crown jewel in Steve Harvey’s iconic look, even more recognizable than his wild suits or clever punchlines, is his mustache. In a world where every man alive has facial hair, Steve Harvey has fashioned his mustache into something truly iconic and impossible to miss.

Countless memes are out there about Steve Harvey’s signature facial hair. Elvis Presley had signature sideburns. For Family Feud host Steve Harvey, it’s all about his signature mustache, something that people recognize, even people who don’t regularly tune in to watch the game show.

Steve Harvey on Family Feud | Instagram
Steve Harvey on Family Feud | Instagram

Family Feud Host Completely Unrecognizable With Vacation Look

As much as Steve Harvey has his Family Feud ensemble while hosting the popular game show, based on recent updates, the actor, comedian, and entrepreneur rocks a completely different look altogether when he is off the clock.

Steve Harvey took a rare and much-needed break from his Family Feud hosting duties in order to enjoy some rest and relaxation in Italy. From the looks of it, while enjoying his vacation getaway, it seems he has taken a break from shaving as well.

Pics are making the rounds of Steve Harvey, as he looks completely unrecognizable while on vacation. In addition to his iconic mustache, the Family Feud host also sports a gray beard, something that viewers don’t see on the popular game show.

Not only that, Steve Harvey also ditched his pressed suits for casual button-down shirts, and there isn’t a tie in sight. So, this vacation in Italy is indeed a vacation in more ways than one.

Harvey is clearly letting loose and slacking on his usual dressing and grooming habits. However, as hard as Harvey works, even at 67 years old, his fans agree that he has more than earned the break.

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Evan Morgan

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  1. We don’t go out of our way to watch but portions of the show are X rated most nights.
    Steve Harvey needs to go!! His reactions are so phoney, so over acted most of the time.
    Likes to check his fly constantly. Loves those 70’s patent leather high heel shoes.
    Contestants need at bring a second set of clothes, not wear same for 2 3 4 nights.
    This show has zero resemblance to the quality shows of the past.
    When the end of the show signs off “made in Georgia” people must think we’re a
    bunch of hicks.

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