Did Deon Derrico’s Scamming Cause Karen To Leave?

Deon Derrico - DDWTD

Lately, Doubling Down With The Derricos viewers have started to think that Deon Derrico is pulling strings to make people continue to watch. Perhaps he is a great puppet master whose strategy is falling into place. Some people have uncovered his scamming and believe it may be at the root of his divorce from Karen Derrico.

‘Moving On Up’

In the latest episode of Doubling Down With Derricos, the Derrico family were giving their home a reminiscent send-off. Undeniably, Karen Derrico pumps herself up to get the kids excited about the big move to a newly renovated, larger home. Karen tells everyone they are “Moving on up” by closing the chapter on their old home and transferring their large family to the new home Deon Derrico has “fixed up.”

Karen and Deon Derrico - Doubling Down With The Derricos - TLC
Some people believe Karen left Deon Derrico because of his scamming. – Doubling Down With The Derricos

Did Deon Derrico’s Scamming Cause Karen To Leave?

On Reddit, Doubling Down With Derricos viewers are suspicious that Deon Derrico is running another scam. Additionally, they believe his scamming may be the reason that Karen Derrico finally threw in the towel. One user says, “New home & the hoax.” Then, they continue saying, “So the new home Deon came up with & the lies being told, they say the ‘new tenants’, there are none the house they have lived in was foreclosed on and they had 30 days to get out. You can search the internet for the facts on this they are lying to everyone but especially THERE KIDS!!! Thoughts? Have you heard this? How did he pull the house they moved into out of the blue, when he couldn’t make the house payment of the one they have filmed in?”

Derrico Family get a new home. - DDWTD
Derrico Family gets a new home. – Doubling Down With The Derricos
  • One fan theorizes, “I bet you he actually evicted to pre or tenant cause they were losing the current house. He never told Karen anything and she finds out and wants a divorce?? Random idea.”
  • “He gon go to jail cuz I doubt they/ he is paying his taxes.”

Fans Have Many Thoughts About Deon Derrico

Undeniably, many people think that Deon Derrico is a scammer. Some believe his tactics are to continue to hide the truth but pull viewers in to continue the show.

  • “I feel so sad about this situation. Those kids of theirs are absolutely precious.  I feel like the parents are total scammers. I sure hope I’m wrong. I do love the kids and GiGi. I hope it’s not a matter of time until it all crumbles. Ugh.”
  • “I think he owned the house they moved to… so the other was being foreclosed on? Not surprising. What does he actually do for work?” Someone else says, “Swindle people and banks.”
The Derrico Family's wall at the new house. - DDWTD
The Derrico Family’s wall at the new house. – DDWTD

Another fan uncovers suspicious behavior from Deon Derrico’s company:

  • “He claims to be ‘in real estate’. Edit: I was looking up some of his foreclosure mess and discovered that he claims to have a real estate management company. I also discovered he’s had 6 other homes foreclosed on here in Michigan. Several for non payment of property taxes. Maybe he should think about a real job.”

Deon Derrico Got In Too Deep

Some people think the house move wasn’t just the family “moving up.” Instead, some Doubling Down With The Derricos fans think Deon Derrico got in too deep and the home was in foreclosure.

  • “Exactly! They were working with the bank to prevent foreclosure on their home but after the mortgage company found out about his other loans he forfeited on they broke negotiations off & proceeded with selling the home online auction. As for the home they moved to idk how they came about it? I’m sure a scam.”
Fans talk about many of his scams. - Reddit
Fans talk about many of Deon Derrico’s scams. – Reddit

The Jig Is Up

Although Deon Derrico has confirmed the new season is filming, Doubling Down With The Derricos viewers think the jig is about up. Additionally, some think the divorce was a ploy to get a new season. Furthermore, many believe the house is in foreclosure and Deon isn’t going to be able to fool people anymore.

  • “He for years pitched his family for shows to networks then when TLC signed them after the pilot season aired did good they got signed a 2nd season is when he no longer went into his office as a real-estate investor which I don’t think he ever was he took homes of people who died he promised their families he would fix up the houses & he would have them rented out and they would have a income but what he really did was get the deeds transferred in his name or fictitious names sell the house would pay the families so much a month and by the time they found out what really happened it was too late. The houses he had deeded in his name that didn’t sell he lost & they were foreclosed on. He was charged with fraud theft but was found not guilty.”
  • They remember and honor baby Carter. - DDWTD
    Karen and Deon Derrico remember and honor baby Carter. – DDWTD

What do you think about Deon Derrico being a scammer? Do you think that is why Karen Derrico decided to get a divorce? Do you think the next season will show they quarreled over his deception? Drop your comments below.

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