Deon Derrico Suspected Of Ripping Off Estranged Son

Deon Derrico - DDWTD

Recently, Doubling Down With The Derricos star, Deon Derrico, is under fire for ripping off his estranged son. Although the family is transitioning through a major life change with Karen and Deon divorcing, the family is suspected of a scandal. Undoubtedly, some people believe Deon’s scamming is catching up with him which is what led Karen to leave.

The Derricos Are Adjusting

Although the Doubling Down With The Derricos family is undergoing huge adjustments, they are sticking together amid the divorce. However, they recently showed the family home was sold before the divorce, making it even tougher for the family to regulate all the changes. But fans are getting suspicious about Deon Derrico’s motives as more and more information comes to light. Many believe he is a tried and true scammer. However, some think that his luck is running out leading Karen to end the marriage. Additionally, Deon confirms a new season, but many think it is a trick to keep fans tuning in to gather ratings. One subject that has arisen is Deon allegedly ripped off his son.

Deon Derrico - DDWTD
Deon Derrico – Doubling Down With The Derricos

Who Is Derron Derrico?

During the show, fans see Karen and Deon Derrico on their journey of raising their fourteen children. While Doubling Down With The Derricos doesn’t feature Deon Derrico’s oldest son, some fans remember he is part of the story. On Reddit, one user brings up the topic by titling it: “Derron.” Then, they try to piece together who Derron Derrico is to the family. They say, “So sorry in advance but why doesn’t Deon ever talk about derron and did he adopt derron on his own before meeting Karen ? Like how did all this play out? I’m just now hearing about derron.” On IMDB, a mini bio shows that Derron was their adopted son as it talks about the family. It says, “Karen and Deon also have a 17-year old adopted son, Derron Derrico.”

Deon Derrico Suspected Of Ripping Off Estranged Son

After the conversation starts on Reddit, fans begin to shed light on Deon Derrico’s oldest son, Derron while also clarifying the oldest daughter, Darian Derrico.

  • Darrion is their oldest daughter. The one that was rejected by NYU. Derron is Deon’s adopted son who he adopted before he met Karen. They are estranged because Deon fraudulently took out loans and credit cards in Derron’s name that were never paid back.”
  • “I am beginning to wonder if it was another ‘Eric’ type situation.. meaning Deon met this somewhat vulnerable young man who had no family and took him in like he did Eric and did that pseudo adoption thing and then stole his identity.”
  • “That’s pretty much what happened. His name was Jasper. They met while Deon was a bus driver and became close. Deon adopted him, and Jasper changed his name to a D name, Derron. It’s very weird. Not sure what his obsession is with having kids and adopting adults but he creeps me out.”
Fans discuss Deon Derrico's estranged son, Derron. - Reddit
Fans discuss Deon Derrico’s estranged son, Derron. – Reddit

Derron Derrico Still Holds A Grudge With Deon Derrico

Someone else references that Deon Derrico adopted Jasper aka, Derron, before meeting Karen. However, recently circuits brought up another son, Juan, that no one knows about. In 2014, Deon was charged with fraud relating to real estate but was cleared. But during the investigation, Derron, 22, at the time, was included in the review and certainly held a grudge that his adoptive father had taken out student loans he didn’t need. Furthermore, Derron alleges fraud was at play. Another person gives Doubling Down With The Derricos fans an idea of Derron’s suspected age.

  • “The eldest kid is like 32 going on 33 so highly unlike that is Karen’s child (she would’ve been 11 when he was born).”
  • Another person agrees, “That’s what I thought too. But: it’s not my mess of a family; so I am not positive. I sat 14 to 17 kids. Because to me it’s clear they have 14. I am not sure if Eric or the oldest adopted count as their kid. I could make a case. yes. I could make a case no.. And then Carter; that’s highly sensitive, it would be so disrespectful of me to even go there. But Back to Darrian-I am 95% sure she’s the oldest bio kid of those two lovable lunnies.”

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What do you think about Deon Derrico’s estranged son? Do you think he defrauded him leading to the estrangement? Are you ready to see more episodes of Doubling Down With The Derricos? Drop your comments below.

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  1. Yes I will definitely continue to watch if the show continues, it will be interesting to see how they navigate the divorce and all those kid’s they both say were born without help yeah right if anyone believes that they are brain dead maybe a couple sets of twins or maybe even some triplets but no way all those multiples were conceived naturally blow that smoke up someone else’s butt

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