‘Bold & Beautiful’ Naomi Matsuda Reveals Major Plot Twist

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Bold & Beautiful fans have been reeling over the latest developments on the soap opera. After several events have unfolded over the last week on the show, many people are wondering what Dr. Li Finnegan (portrayed by Naomi Matsuda) is up to. Well, the actress has come forward and revealed some details about the upcoming storyline. Here is what she had to say.

Did Naomi Matsuda’s Character Fake The Paternity Test?

Fans will remember when Dr. Li Finnegan performed a paternity test in Bill’s (Don Diamont) living room on Bold & BeautifulDespite the test showing that Bill was 100% Luna’s father, Tom Starr (Clint Howard) has come forward claiming to be her father.

This week, viewers saw Tom appear to fall unconscious after drinking his blue cocktail that he left out of sight for a period of time. It is assumed that he has been poisoned and there are a number of people present who could have the motive to get rid of him. However, many people are pointing the finger at Li.

Naomi Matsuda Bold & Beautiful - YouTube/CBS

First, many people raised their eyebrows at Li being the one to perform the paternity test. After all, Li has never been overly fond of her sister Poppy (Romy Park). Not to mention, the test was performed in less-than-ideal conditions and its legitimacy has been questioned since day one.

What’s Next On Bold & Beautiful? Naomi’s Lips Are Sealed

Naomi Matsuda spoke about what the upcoming storyline will look like on Bold & Beautiful at the Daytime Emmys last month. She was asked if she thought her doctor character should lose her license for performing the paternity test the way she did.

“Don’t you dare say that!” Naomi laughed. Several other Bold & Beautiful theories regarding the current storyline were floated during the conversation with Naomi Matsuda, but the soap star kept her secrets to herself.

She agreed that some of the latest fan theories that have been floating around would be a great addition to the Bold & Beautiful storyline, but she didn’t confirm or deny if any of them are true or not. “Wouldn’t that be a good twist for everyone?” is all Naomi had to say. 

Naomi Matsuda Bold & Beautiful - YouTube/Maximo TV
YouTube/Maximo TV

For now, it is assumed that the paternity test she performed was correct and Bill is Luna’s dad. The pair seemed to have a bond, but Naomi posed a question. “Is it forever?” the actress shrugged. “What’s forever? That’s all I’m going to say!”

The only thing that Naomi Matsuda agrees there should be more of on Bold & Beautiful is face-to-face interactions with Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). Her character recently interacted with the villainess at Il Giardino restaurant. “We need [them] together!” Naomi concluded.

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