‘Bar Rescue’ John Taffer Makes Shocking Confession For Filming

John Taffer from Bar Rescue sourced from Instagram

Bar Rescue fans have seen some seriously disgusting dining establishments over the years. Show host John Taffer knows each bar he walks into has the potential of being absolutely filthy and rank. Now, he’s opening up about some of the behind-the-scenes tricks.

The Bar Rescue Team Has Seen Horrible Things Inside Kitchens

Bar Rescue viewers have seen frightening things inside various kitchens. But John Taffer and his crew have seen the worst of the worst.

The series just put out its 250th episode and Taffer decided to open up about some filming secrets to promote the show.

John Taffer from Bar Rescue sourced from Instagram
John Taffer/Instagram

“We’ve witnessed some remarkable things,” John Taffer shared with PEOPLE ahead of the show’s milestone episode. “We’ve had some powerful experiences, mostly sanitation-type experiences. I remember opening up a kitchen drawer and it was a dead raccoon in it. I remember standing in the kitchen in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with my chef and the rats were running into our sneakers as we were wearing them.”

Naturally, the Bar Rescue host has come up with a simple trick to help him get through filming.


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“I’ve never said this to any press before, ever. I take powdered garlic and I pour it on my tongue inside some of these kitchens because they smell so bad,” Taffer confessed. After putting the garlic on his tongue, he breathes through his mouth so he doesn’t smell the kitchen.

It doesn’t work for very long, but the Bar Rescue host says it helps him get through the toughest parts of filming.

Taffer Has A Very Short Time Frame For Revamping Kitchens

The garlic trick is surprising, but it’s not the only element of surprise Bar Rescue uses to pull off an episode. In an interview with Us Weekly, Taffer shared he has only 30 minutes to come up with a new concept for the struggling bars.

“We take the employees and owners, put them in vans in the parking lot, and I go in and design the bar that night,” the Bar Rescue host shared. “I have about a half hour to come up with a concept.”

And when the team finally has a great idea, they only have hours to get it all together. As John Taffer notes, that’s why the bar stools seldom match.

“When we put the design together, it’s after recon. So when recon ends and the cameras stop, we go in and design the bar that night. So now I have a design,” Taffer told PEOPLE. “The next day we gotta find bar stools and tables. Well, we can never find 60 bar stools of the same type overnight. But we can find eight of these, 12 of those … Look at the Bar Rescue remodels. You’ll notice — rarely do all the bar stools match.”

Were you surprised to learn about John Taffer’s behind-the-scenes tricks? Be sure to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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