‘American Pickers’ Season Wraps Filming, When Will It Return?

Mike Wolfe on American Pickers | YouTube

American Pickers is far from over with. While ratings dropped and many fans stopped watching after the show fired Frank Fritz, History Channel still believes in the reality TV series. They have signed Mike Wolfe to more seasons and the newest one should hit later this year. As a matter of fact, reports indicate Mike finished filming Season 26 last month.

Here is what you need to know about the next season of American Pickers.

American Pickers Finished Filming New Season

American Pickers signed Mike Wolfe to come back and host the show for a few more seasons, at least. The new one is Season 26, and Mike will be back, although Frank Fritz is finished with the show as he recovers from a massive stroke.

Mike Wolfe from American Pickers | YouTube
Mike Wolfe from American Pickers | YouTube

Mike has been out filming the show all year to this date, and this means it is closing in on time for the new season to hit the History Channel. As a matter of fact, while the show reportedly already wrapped filming for Season 26, there are still reports that they will be out again as early as August to film more.

Of course, Mike Wolfe has more in mind than Season 26, as he is signed on through at least Season 28, and picking has always been his life. This means that Mike, with or without American Pickers, won’t be stopping anytime soon.

As for Frank, he continues to recover from his stroke. He has a conservator helping with his bills and living expenses. However, fans shouldn’t expect ever to see him return to television.

What To Expect From American Pickers Season 26

As mentioned, Mike Wolfe will be back as the host and without Frank Fritz by his side. Instead, Mike and Danielle Colby are once again joined by Mike’s brother Robbie Wolfe and relic hunter Jersey Jon.

Season 26 reportedly includes 40 new episodes ordered for the series, playing out over three seasons (through Season 28). When it comes to American Pickers Season 26, filming for the first half of Season 26 in the fall of 2023 (via US Sun). Mike showed he returned to the road for much of this year. He filmed the other half of episodes, which reportedly wrapped up in June.

With the first half filmed and likely already edited and the second finished last month, with editing likely underway, American Pickers should finally return to History Channel this fall at the earliest.

Are you excited to see a new season of American Pickers on the History Channel? Are you still watching since Frank Fritz was fired from the series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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