’90 Day Fiance’ Michael Ilesanmi Has New Relationships After Split

Michael Ilesanmi

90 Day Fiance star, Michael Ilesanmi, has some new relationships since his split from Angela Deem. Fans have mixed emotions about Michael’s intentions when coming to the United States. However, he has been making the best out of his situation and seems to have formed some new connections with people since moving. Keep reading to find out more about this.

Angela Deem Finds Shocking Conversations

Angela found some shocking conversations on Michael’s phone when in Nigeria. There was a group chat called “Paradise Men”. The word “paradise” was referring to the United States. It was a group chat full of Nigerian men who wanted to get to the States. She found pictures of women being sent saying that they needed a husband. In the group chat, Michael shared Angela’s personal information. This caused a huge fight between the two. However, Angela decided to still bring him to the US and that backfired. Fans have seen the two have a lot of struggles when it comes to their relationship.

Angela Deem & Michael Ilesanmi From 90 Day Fiance, TLC, Sourced From 90 Day Fiancé YouTube
Angela Deem & Michael Ilesanmi From 90 Day Fiance, TLC, Sourced From 90 Day Fiancé YouTube

Michael Ilesanmi And His New Relationships

Michael celebrated the Fourth of July with some new friends. It seems that he has joined a soccer team and was hanging out with all of his teammates on the American holiday. Some people thought when Michael ran away, he was staying in Indiana. However, Angela revealed that he was actually in Texas. Yesterday Michael posted pictures of him playing soccer with his soccer team. After their games, they celebrated with a cookout and celebration. Michael seems to have made some new connections and that was mainly because of his new soccer team. Some people think Michael got out of a toxic relationship. However, some other people think Michael was only with Angela to get to the United States. Some things just do not add up. There is a lot that goes on in their relationship.

Michael Ilesanmi Instagram Story
Michael Ilesanmi Instagram Story

It seems that Michael has made plenty of new friends since moving to the United States. Ever since he ran away from Angela’s home, fans have had mixed feelings about what he has been doing. However, he has found a soccer team that he enjoys playing with. He is more than likely staying with one of his new friends in Texas. Angela is still responsible for Michael since she brought him to the United States. What do you think about what he has been doing? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Angela is too much. She’s too insecure, loud, and too vulgar, Rude, jealous, bossy, her way or nothing.. I don’t blame him for escaping. I’d run too, far away.

      1. I agree. But I believe he should have done it in his home town. But instead waited until she is stuck paying for him being here in the United States. You gotta know that was a plan.

      2. If I were Angela, I would have left him in Nigeria. It was a toxic relationship from almost the beginning. There were red flags on both sides. Now she’s financially responsible for him. I figured it wouldn’t end well. Just like Gino & Jasmine.

    1. I would have left Angela too! She is too controlling, insecure and disrespectful. She talks down to Michael as if he is a child, she didn’t want him to work when he came to the States and mentioned before he got to the States that”Micheal would be Mr Mom” .. who would want that? She already had in her brain that she wanted to try and control him. I’m glad he left and went to am entire different State. #thehellwithAngela #

    2. I think they are both toxic users. He had plenty of warning of what she was like. He’d cowar and come crawling back. After all the garbage Angela did to him, there couldn’t have been love. Angela thought she could control him and felt he was totally dependent on her and he waited to get to the USA to finally walk away.

    3. A true cougar so sad these older white women feel they can’t find a man suitable to their age and yes it’s time for Michael to experience the United States and enjoy the experience without Anglia

      1. I didn’t realize it was only older “white” women who suffered from cougar syndrome. or poor judgment. new one to this older white woman.

  2. I agree she has no respect for him! I would have done the same thing he did if I was abused like that for that many years. weather he used her to get to America or not no one deserves to be treated the way she treated him! it was hard to watch sometimes!!

  3. Good for Michael, Angela treated him so badly. The episode where she trashed his car was the beginning of the end for me. Angela was cheating on him and has been all along. she doesn’t hide it she is all over tic tok. Good for Michael I hope he gets a great new life. Welcome to Texas Michael we are very welcoming down here. 😃😃😃

  4. I think Michael used Angela to get the USA. Angela may not gave been nice to Michael but he used her. He should be deported back to Nigeria and never be able to enter the USA again!!!

    1. Agree 100% he should not get to stay in the United States Our government should be protecting United States citizens not immigrants who are scamming Americans just to stay in the country and take advantage of everything that we have

    2. I don’t think Michael used Angela to get to the States, I mean he clearly had a platform that would assist, Instruct on how to successfully get a visa/green card thru “paradise men” so, Angela is not the only and last opportunity to get to the States nor is she a beauty Queen prize by looking at her. So, her plan back fired basically, she thought she was going to Nigeria to pick up a slave because she damn sure didn’t treat him like she gave AF about him the way she talks to him and treats him with her demands. bye Angela, would rather see Micheal progress with someone else who treats him like a human than see Angela loud mouth, single disgusting self

  5. I agree also he’s a scammer and should be deported after paying Angela back all the money he donated to others in the site.,

  6. I don’t think he’s a scammer. There is other ways he could come to the US. Why would he put up with Angela’s vile personality for 6 or 7 years? He deserves to be here after dealing with her for so long. I hope he’s happy, and I hope he finds someone that will treat him right.

  7. I think Michael had every intention of staying and hoped it would work out. I also believe he loved her, as odd as that may sound, after all of the verbal abuse he endured. But it was obvious he had a plan B in case it didn’t work out. She’s responsible for him for a long time unless she can have him deported.

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