‘Young & The Restless’ Courtney Hope Banned From Emmy Party, Why?

Courtney Hope - YouTube/State Of Mind With Maurice Benard

Courtney Hope took home the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress last month. The Young & The Restless star attempted to celebrate with her colleagues, but the night took a turn after she tried to gain re-entry into an after-party. So, what happened to get Courtney banned from the Emmy party? Here is what she revealed about the situation.

Mishap Leads To Courtney Hope Being Banned From Emmy Party

After the awards ceremony wrapped up, Courtney Hope was eager to celebrate with some of her friends and costars. “I love getting to celebrate with everyone and seeing who’s there and what they are wearing,” Hope said of the evening.

“I brought [my Emmy] with me to the party and ate,” she recalled. “Then somebody mentioned that last year, someone’s Emmy [statuette] got taken. So, I was like, ‘Okay, I’m bringing this back to my [hotel] room.’”

So, Courtney took her Emmy up to her suite and made sure it was safe and sound before returning to the party. When she initially entered the event, they put a stamp on her hand for re-entry. However, The Young & The Restless star made a mistake when she returned to her hotel room.

Courtney Hope - YouTube/The Young and The Restless
YouTube/The Young and The Restless

“I washed my hands and washed the stamp off,” she said. “And I also switched purses, so I didn’t have my ticket anymore.” So, when Courtney Hope returned to the party, she had no proof she was ever invited.

“When I put my hand under the black light [scanner], they were like, ‘Oh, you can’t come in, you don’t have a stamp,’” she told Soap Opera Digest. “And I’m like, ‘I was just here!’ But the [security] guy who saw me leave the party was no longer there. So, I asked, ‘What am I supposed to do? Go all of the way back to my room?’”

Courtney’s Emmy Saved The Day In The End

That’s when her newly earned Emmy saved the day. Someone came out of the party and congratulated Courtney on her win. “I didn’t mean to be pompous, but I looked at the security guards and said, ‘I literally won an Emmy tonight and I was just in there,’” she said.

However, the security guards were relentless and still wouldn’t permit her to re-enter the event. Then, yet another person came out and congratulated Courtney, complimenting her speech.

She finally came to terms with the fact that she’d likely have to return to her hotel room to find her invite before two more people came out, recognizing her and offering their congrats. “I turned to the security guards and said, ‘Come on guys, really?’ And they both finally said, ‘Okay, fine. You can go in,'” The Young & The Restless star recalled.

Courtney Hope has a good humor about it all now though and, after the fact, she found the whole ordeal “really funny.”

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