Why ‘America’s Got Talent’ Fans Say It’s Worst Season Ever

AGT Simon Cowell - YouTube

America’s Got Talent brought some changes and big things were expected in Season 19 of the show with Simon Cowell at the helm. However, after the latest episode, viewers expressed their irritation with it, claiming the NBC show is boring. And, some of the worst acts go through on the new double golden buzzer feature.

America’s Got Talent Is Boring?

Because some fans complained that Simon’s show is boring doesn’t mean there’s no talent out there. However, there seems to be a lot of the same thing. Sweet kids doing their acts are charming. But, viewers don’t want to see them by the busload. They also found it hard  to understand why anyone would get excited by a ballet dancer tip-toeing along a line of bottles.

America's Got Talent - Season 19 - Got Talent Global - YouTube
America’s Got Talent – Season 19 – Got Talent Global – YouTube

America’s Got Talent is good, in that unlike American Idol, there are more than just musicians performing. However, some people complain because AGT doesn’t seem to have many good American acts. Perhaps Simon Cowell should change it to The Whole Worlds Got Talent.

AGT Fans Bored & Annoyed

On Reddit, criticism of the NBC talent show flowed in during the fifth round of auditions. The OP wrote:

AGT Season 19 – Auditions 5 discussion – Tuesday, July 2nd 2024…who shall the golden buzzer go to tonight?

AGT Fans Complained About Too Many Child Singers - America's Got Talent - YouTube
AGT Fans Complained About Too Many Child Singers – America’s Got Talent – YouTube

One of the problems seems to be that America’s Got Talent fans think the extra double golden buzzer is annoying. Others felt that the entire season is a boring. And, more people wished for more actual American acts. Here are some of their comments:

  • The “level of talent”. Just sent thru a couple dudes chanting “T T T”. Get out of here 😂
  • This season is awful….
  • This might’ve been the most uninspiring episode, ever.
  • How many more weeks are the auditions? I’m ready to move on!
  • ughhhhhh singing kid golden buzzer coming up. how predictable.
  • probably the worst auditions yet.
  • And just remember that legitimately talented acts have gotten 2-2 vote splits and not gone through because they “weren’t up to the AGT level” or some BS like that.
  • What a crap episode. Started it off with lame wtf auditions. Only 3 performances worth anything, IMO, were the aerialists, the Korean magician, and the female comic….little girl that got the golden buzzer from Heidi was made for a GB moment… but wasn’t. Hated this episode.

What are your thoughts about all the little kids auditioning? Do you find them boring? What about the double golden buzzers? Do you agree that it means having to watch sub-par competitors more than necessary? Should the show have more American people competing? Sound off in the comments below and come back here often for all your America’s Got Talent news. 

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