Second Celebrity Suspected In Death Of Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry - YouTube/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The investigation into the death of Matthew Perry has continued. Los Angeles Police Department officials have partnered with national agencies to determine whether or not anyone should be charged in the actor’s death. Now, a second celebrity has been named who might be involved. Continue reading to find out the latest details of the investigation.

Officials Question Matthew Perry’s Ketamine Death

When Matthew Perry died last October, it came as a shock to his family and friends. Matthew was reportedly sober for some time before his death and was undergoing ketamine therapy. However, his official cause of death was determined to be “acute effects of ketamine.”

The big problem with the medical examiner’s office finding this to be his cause of death is that the drug is typically out of your system within a few hours. Matthew’s last ketamine therapy was a week and a half before his death. So, that means that someone supplied the Friends star with the drug outside of his therapy appointments.

Matthew Perry / YouTube

LAPD officials have been working to determine where the drugs came from and Matthew Perry’s stepfather Keith Morrison has been pushing for the investigation to come to a conclusion. Now, two celebrities have been named suspects in the actor’s death.

Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, was the first person identified who might have something to do with Matthew’s death. The 45-year-old actress became friends with Matthew during one of his stints in rehab. Officers took her iPhone and laptop. They also hauled her in for questioning. An insider told In Touch Weekly that Brooke Mueller was cooperative with authorities.

Second Celeb Questioned In The Star’s Drug Death

It has been revealed that a second friend of Matthew Perry could be involved in the actor’s drug death. A source told In Touch the second person being questioned by authorities claimed to be sober as Matthew did. That was far from true though, according to the source. Both of them were “walking pharmacies” and they often stayed up late talking about their addiction, sobriety, and personal lives.

On top of that, the second star was photographed with Matthew at the office of a doctor who is known to prescribe ketamine, raising more questions for law enforcement officials. It is suspected that the second celebrity friend may have helped Matthew find doctors who were willing to prescribe drugs when his own personal supply was getting low.

'Friends' Star Matthew Perry Unrecognizable On Streets Of Los Angeles [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
“If the feds had either one of their phones — especially [the second celeb’s], because she doesn’t erase her text messages — they would probably find conversations about the drug and ‘How can I get extra?’ Like, ‘Oh, come see my doctor if you need more,’” the source said. “It will not look good for the celebrity.”

Investigating the relationship between Matthew Perry and his friends could provide law enforcement officials more information on the source of the ketamine that killed the late actor. Sources within law enforcement believe there could be multiple people charged with involvement in the Friends star’s death.

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