‘Price Is Right’ Player Collapses To Floor, Mom Rushes Stage

Drew Carey on Price is Right | YouTube

The Price is Right had an amazing moment in a recent episode that caused one of the contestants to collapse to the floor. This happened after her mother raced onto the stage after a big win, and the show’s cast didn’t quite know how to react.

Here is what happened on the hit game show this week.

Price is Right Contestant Collapses Onto Floor

During the final round on The Price is Right earlier this week, something happened that rarely occurs on the show. When Drew Carey explained the occurrence, a contestant started racing across the stage as her mother also rushed the stage, and both women collapsed to the floor.

Drew Carey on The Price is Right | YouTube
Drew Carey on The Price is Right | YouTube

The moment came in the final round, where two contestants were bidding on their Showcase Showdown. The first contestant had a trip and car she wasbudding on and came within $5,793 of the actual price with her bid. However, when Alexandra started to bid on her hot tub/trip, she looked into the audience at her mother.

Alexandria’s mother told her to bid $22,500, so that is what she said. Then Drew Carey informed her that she was only $164 away from the actual price. When a person is under $250, they win both showcases. When he told Alexandria the good news, she kept screaming “What” over and over again and wandered over to the prizes.

That is when her mother rushed onto the stage and hugged her daughter before both of them fell to the ground as the cast looked on in shock. As Drew Carey said as they celebrated, “Wow, what an ending.”

Drew Carey Had A Big Week On Price is Right

On the same episode that Alexandria won both Showcases, Drew Carey also welcomed a PhD student up to the stage and spoke to her about their education levels. Drew admitted that he was kicked out of college, but it seems all worked out well for each of them.

Of course, the PhD student couldn’t leave it at that. When Drew asked what the opposite of a PhD student was (hinting it was him), she offered up the answer, “a talk show host?” Drew almost fell over laughing, saying he wasn’t even smart enough to do that job.

Sadly, the show also saw a disappointing moment. When a woman wasn’t able to get the Big Wheel to spin full rotations, Drew offered to help her. Sadly, Drew landed on two numbers that busted 100, and she ended up eliminated, with Carey apologizing.

What are your thoughts on Drew Carey and his recent appearances on The Price is Right? Is the show hitting an entertaining stretch lately on daytime television? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I Love TPIR Drew Carey makes my day everyday I watch him best part of my day. Keep up the good job Drew!

  2. The prizes are ridiculous. What person wants designer apparel? If you are a renter, what will you do with a hot tub or patio furniture? Stop with the hellos before spinning the wheel!

  3. I love Drew Carey! I want to be on the Price is Right!!
    What a great show! Drew could run for President. Everyone loves him!

  4. Drew is a great host. He is quick witted and pleasant. He seems to love his job. Perhaps it is you that is hitting the “entertainment stretch” Mr. Lealos. Leave Drew alone. He does his job when it comes to entertaining his audience.

    1. Drew is excellent for TPIR. I love his interaction with the contestants and the home viewers. Hope to see him on TPIR for many years to come.

  5. I absolutely love The Price Is Right with Drew Carey. He’s an excellent host for the job. He honors Bob Barker every episode. The people love him. I love him.

  6. I watch The Price is Right with Drew Carry every single day with my mom. we love to watch it. The only thing that aggravates us is when someone will bid $1 over someone else’s bid. if they did that to me I’d have to reach out and slap them, especially if they won the prize instead of me. We do find it funny how some of the people act, like how they forget their name when they are called to come down to contestants row, or how they act when they are coming down to contestants row. such as running all the way around the back of the theater, or they will do a cartwheel or something. But I know they pick people based on how wild they can act to pump up the crowd

  7. I pvr the Price is Right every day. I love Drew Carey, he’s a great host. Yes, he’s different from Bob Barker and that’s ok!

  8. I am with you on people bidding a dollar over someone’s bid, I would feel like slapping them too! Some people act like they already won the prize before they even play the game as he explains the rules. Also, when someone plays Plinko, when they get the 10,000 space, WHY don’t they put the plinko play piece in the same spot so that they get the 10,000 again?

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