Kody & Robyn Brown Back To Utah After Blowing Family Up?

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Are Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn Brown going back to Utah after blowing the whole family up? They escaped the state in Season 2 due to strict polygamy laws. Then, some wanted to move back but Kody played mind games when that was concerned. So, what has possibly brought the couple back home? Keep reading for more details.

Kody & Robyn Brown Back To Utah After Blowing Family Up?

When Sister Wives began in 2010, the plural family resided in a single-family home in Lehi, Utah. Kody Brown had twelve children under one roof with his three wives, Mer Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown Woolley. The home was built by a polygamist so each wife had their own space but then Robyn Brown came along. She lived five hours away but eventually moved closer once she became a part of the family. Yet, in Season 2,  there was a lot of fear Kody would be arrested for polygamy so the whole brood escaped to Las Vegas.

Robyn and Kody Brown - Sister Wives
Robyn Brown and Kody Brown – Sister Wives

They moved to Flagstaff after several years though the idea of going back to Utah lingered. When Christine left the plural family, she returned to Utah with her daughter. She wanted to be closer to her kids and family, plus polygamy laws were looser and, to her, it was home. Kody gave her many reasons why it was a bad idea but she is thriving. Even his former first wife, Meri is living there and running her B&B. Now, it appears that he and his last remaining wife have headed to Utah after everything in the family fell apart but why?

Robyn Brown, Kody Brown-Reddit
Robyn Brown, Kody Brown-Reddit

Recently, they were spotted at a St. George, Utah Walmart. A Reddit thread was started as they’ve been spotted more than ever. So, what did followers have to say?

  • Hmm interesting, they were just in WY now Utah.. going to sell that McMansion and go back to the roots since they blew the OG wives and kids to (in robyn’s words’ To Smitherings.
  • They are literally everywhere but flagstaff all the time. 

Where Do They Live?

Sister Wives fans questioned where Kody and Robyn Brown lived as they are never home. More so, they wanted to know why they were always seen shopping. Finally, many asked if Robyn ever smiled. She seems to always be frowning and in a permanent state of disdain. The big question was if the couple planned on selling their home and settling elsewhere. This seemed to be home Kody liked to live which did not sit well with Robyn as she disliked being transient. Unfortunately, his life completely blew up, he lost three wives, and his kids don’t talk to him.

Do you think that the couple is planning a move or is Kody restless in his life? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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