Bryan Abasolo Rejects 10K, Demands More From Rachel Lindsay

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New court documents in the bitter divorce between Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo reveal he rejected her 10k spousal support offer and wants more money. Keep reading to find out how much he’s demanding and more tea he spilled.

Bryan Abasolo Denies Blindsiding Ex With Divorce Filing

Bachelor Nation fans were shocked when Bryan Abasolo filed for divorce from Rachel Lindsay earlier this year. The paperwork was filed on January 2, 2024 and listed New Year’s Eve 2023 as the date of their separation. In recent court documents, Rachel Lindsay wrote that she was blindsided by the divorce filing and found out via text message.

However, her estranged husband denies that she didn’t know he was filing for divorce. According to PEOPLE magazine, Bryan said that he filed for divorce because he “no longer trusted Rachel and had endured years of her verbal manipulation.” He didn’t elaborate on the alleged verbal abuse.

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo/Credit: ABC YouTube
Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo/Credit: ABC YouTube

He also accused her of refusing to invite him to attend outings when she was networking with Hollywood hotshots. Rachel’s “jet-setting career often took her away from our marital residence while I stayed home,” he claimed in the court documents.

Rejects 10K, Demands More From Rachel Lindsay

He filed paperwork in May for emergency spousal support. The two are still hammering out a deal and it doesn’t seem to be going well. Rachel Lindsay recently offered almost 10K a month in support for her ex.

However, Bryan Abasolo rejected the offer, alleging that it wasn’t enough with all his expenses with his low income. He claimed in court documents that he had “nothing left” after spending his allegedly measly $1,341 a month income on bills.

Instead, he proposed spousal support in the amount of $16,275 per month from his famous wife. In previous documents, he said he grew accustomed to a certain standard of living and doesn’t want to give that up.

His most recent filing acknowledged that Rachel Lindsay paid most of their bills during their marriage. “She agreed to pay most of our living expenses until I could regularly contribute.”

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay - The Jennifer Hudson Show - YouTube
Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay – The Jennifer Hudson Show – YouTube

But the former Bachelorette no longer wants to foot her ex’s bills or legal fees. It seems the divorce will get even messier before the two come to an agreement on spousal support. They never had any children during their brief marriage.

Do you think Bryan Abasolo is asking for an unreasonable amount of support from Rachel Lindsay? Share your reaction in the comments.

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