‘Bold & Beautiful’ Is Tom Really Luna’s Father?

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There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the future of Tom on Bold & Beautiful. This week, fans saw several different things happen in his storyline that make them wonder about the future of the character on the soap opera. Most importantly, they are wondering if Tom really fathered Luna or not. Here is what B&B viewers are saying.

Tom Starr Made Trouble For Himself

Tom Starr (portrayed by Clint Howard) has gotten himself into a bit of trouble on Bold & Beautiful recently. First, he claimed that he was actually Luna’s (Lisa Yamada) biological father. Then, he let it be known that he had done some digging on Sheila Carter and uncovered some unsavory things about her past.

Of course, every B&B fan knows that Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) is not someone you want to cross. She’s been known to murder people who do anything to hurt her perfect little world. Sheila also eavesdropped on the conversation where Tom revealed he could be Luna’s dad.

Bold & Beautiful Lisa Yamada - YouTube/CBS

If this is true, it could have serious implications for Poppy (Romy Park). Some flashbacks of their brief romance were shown in a recent episode, but it is still unknown as to whether or not Tom is really Luna’s father.

That being said, it may not matter for much longer. Earlier this week, Tom seemed to pass out after he took a sip from a blue cocktail. It is assumed someone drugged him, but it could be something much more sinister. Seeing as he’s ruffled feathers for both Poppy and Sheila, there’s no telling which one of them decided to cause trouble for Tom.

Bold & Beautiful Fans Speculate

However, fans have taken to message boards on the internet to discuss Luna’s paternity. They are reeling at the possibility of Tom being the dad.

One Reddit user posed the questions, “Is Tom really Luna’s father as he claimed today? If Tom really is the father, who faked the test to make it appear Bill is Luna’s father?” 

I’m beginning to think (Li faked} the test,” one Bold & Beautiful viewer suggested. “She knows something. Maybe it was her husband (who was) fooling around with Poppy.”

Bold & Beautiful Clint Howard - YouTube/Rachael Ray Show

Another person pointed out that it seemed like Li might even be the person responsible for poisoning Tom. “She had the coldest expression on her face when he collapsed, and as a doctor, she just sat there watching instead of getting up to assist,” they wrote.

Several other people think this might be the storyline as well. Dr. Li Finnegan (Naomi Matsuda) may have faked the paternity test result and poisoned Tom so that the truth of Luna’s paternity wouldn’t come out.

What do you think? Could Tom really be Luna’s dad? Let us know what you think about the Bold & Beautiful storyline below.

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