Savannah Chrisley Disses Kyle & Critics In Appeal Update

Savannah Chrisley - Doug Bopst podcast - YouTube

Chrisley Knows Best alum Savannah Chrisley might, in a few candid words, have explained why she won’t allow her half-brother, Kyle Chrisley to meet with Chloe, 11. Additionally, the reality TV star got snarky with critics of her mom and dad, Todd and Julie Chrisley after their oral appeal.

Savannah Chrisley Talked About Kyle, Chloe & Critics

Chloe is the biological daughter of Kyle Chrisley and Angela Johnson. At one stage, she wanted to get custody of her daughter, but as Todd and Julie Chrisley adopted Chloe, she couldn’t do anything about not co-parenting. These days, with Todd and Julie in prison for fraud and tax-related crimes, Savannah is Chloe’s legal guardian.

Savannah Chrisley and Chloe Instagram Feature
Savannah Chrisley and Chloe – Instagram

Savannah Chrisley took to her vlog to talk about an update on her mom, Julie, after the court of appeal heard oral arguments. Julie’s case was remanded back to the district court because of a lack of evidence of fraud relating to certain years. So, she will be resentenced, and her family hopes that she can go home soon.

Critics Dissed By Todd’s Daughter

In her recent update on her Unlocked podcast, Todd Chrisley’s daughter spoke a lot about Chloe. It related to how she didn’t know what she should tell her little sister about her mom and dad. However, she admitted that the child’s “innocence” was blown years ago, and she specifically called Kyle and Angela Johnson, “pieces of garbage” when it came to parenting. That came at the 3:50 mark in the video below.

Next, as an OP on Reddit pointed out, Savannah Chrisley got snarky with critics of her mom and dad. The Chrisley Knows Best critic wrote:

Savannuh (sic) called everyone who calls them out for doing illegal things “Karens.” So the judge is a Karen too to her?? So delusional and playing the victim….She says it around the 6:00 min mark in her new YouTube update.

Savannah Chrisley - Unlocked - YouTube
Savannah Chrisley – Unlocked – YouTube

The part where the OP talked about people calling them out for doing illegal things came when Savannah Chrisley talked about how the “system has absolutely no….they just don’t care about families.” Then, she spoke about people who talked about how parents shouldn’t “go to prison in the first place.” Irritated, she held up her hands, nodded, and said, “Well, Karens just back off.” 

Chrisley Knows Best Critics React On Reddit

Reddit isn’t as friendly a place as Instagram because it’s not so easy for people to moderate what is shown. So, many people agreed that Kyle’s half-sister shouldn’t have called everyone “Karens.” Here are some reactions:

  • I think the “Karen’s” are this family (& anyone else) that pretends Todd & Julie did nothing wrong and shouldn’t be in jail!!
  • Karen, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.
  • This isn’t even a situation where they did it out of desperation for their family. It was just good old fashioned greed.
  • Wouldn’t you just love to see a profiler’s report of her personality? Karen is blaming the Karens.
  • And these people portrayed themselves as humble and responsible. What a freaking shame.

What are your thoughts on Savannah Chrisley calling Kyle and Chloe’s biological mom “pieces of garbage”? What about dissing critics who feel people shouldn’t complain if they commit a crime? Are they all Karens? Sound off in the comment below, and come back here often for all your Chrisley Knows Best news.

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