‘Price Is Right’ Drew Carey Accepts Harsh Insult From PhD Student

Drew Carey on The Price is Right | YouTube

The Price is Right host Drew Carey is a comedian, so he knows when someone says something that is truly funny. This includes when the jokes are aimed directly at him. This happened on an episode of the game show this week when a PhD student was playing the game.

Here is what the student said to Carey and why it had him almost falling over laughing.

PhD Student Bashes Drew Carey On The Price Is Right

On a recent episode of The Price is Right, Drew Carey brought a new contestant named Lillian Brown to the stage. He saw she was wearing a Northwestern University shirt and asked if she had graduated from that college. She responded she was a third-year PhD student there.

Drew Carey - YouTube/The Price Is Right
YouTube/The Price Is Right

Drew seemed very impressed as he repeated, “Oh, a PhD student.” He then looked at Lillian and said he was thrown out of college twice. “What’s the opposite of a PhD?” he asked. Without missing a beat, Lillian answered, “A talk show host.”

That caused Drew Carey to start cracking up as he bent over laughing. He responded, “You know what? I’m not smart enough to be a talk show host.” Lillian and the audience in attendance joined Carey in laughing, and it was a lighthearted moment in the episode. Before The Price is Right, Drew starred on The Drew Carey Show and then hosted Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Drew Carey attended Kent State University, but the school kicked him out for a low GPA. He served in the Marine Corps Reserve and eventually became a TV star. Kent State eventually gave Carey an honorary degree.

Drew Carey Sent A Contestant Home Later On The Same Show

While this was a nice moment, later in the show, Drew Carey cost a contestant a chance to move to the final round. This happened during the Big Wheel spin round of The Price is Right.

Drew Carey on The Price is Right
Drew Carey on The Price is Right | YouTube

The goal is to spin the wheel twice and get closest to 100 without going over. However, the wheel has to go a full rotation. There was a moment in the past when a woman couldn’t get it to go around after multiple tries, so she was just eliminated on the spot.

In this episode, a contestant named Roni Gardner struggled to spin the Big Wheel. Her first spin landed on 90, but Drew pointed out it didn’t do a full spin. Drew helped her spin it and it landed on 15. Drew then helped again, and it hit 95, sending the contestant home.

“I’ll take the blame for that. Roni, I’m so sorry,” Carey said as she left.

What are your thoughts on Drew Carey’s reaction to the PhD comment by Lillian on The Price is Right? Are you enjoying Carey as the host of the popular game show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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