‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Criticize Acceptance Of Mispronounced Word

Ken Jennings - Jeopardy!

Undoubtedly, Jeopardy! fans are quick-witted. Not much gets past them. Oftentimes, they catch the errors that the contestants make during their tense moments on the show. But after watching an episode earlier in the week, some fans are perplexed that one contestant’s answer was accepted. Notably, the pronunciation of the answer was the root of their complaint.

Passing The Baton

While Drew Basile was on a seven-day winning streak, he was dethroned by Cat Pisacano last Friday. However, Cat quickly released her reign after facing Matt Brooks on Monday, July 1 episode of Jeopardy! While Matt took the baton from Cat, he had a very questionable answer during the episode. Fans notice that he gets a pass on a mispronounced word and it gets under their skin.

Ken Jennings - Jeopardy!
Ken Jennings – Jeopardy!

‘We Will Take That’

Matt Brooks is a healthcare IT analyst from Fredericksburg, Virginia and he took on Cat Pisacano and Zoe Strassfield. Jeopardy! fans got a bit riled up when Matt was allowed to mispronounce a word and still get the answer correct. Ken reads the clue, “Anatomy: There are both false & true vocal cords in this hollow, tubular structure, also called the voice box.” Then, Matt buzzes and answers, “Larnyx,” instead of the correct pronunciation of the word larynx. While hesitating briefly, host Ken Jennings accepted his guess saying, “Oh, yes, we will take that.” But Ken repeats the answer with the correct pronunciation of “larynx.” Furthermore, the show continues and Matt wins the day taking over for returning contestant, Cat.

Matt Brooks answers but it was questionable.
Matt Brooks answered but it was questionable. – Jeopardy!

Jeopardy! Fans Criticize Acceptance Of Mispronounced Word

However, Jeopardy! fans weren’t satisfied with the call made about Matt Brooks’ pronunciation. Undeniably, it was a controversial subject as fans began to criticize the decision to accept his answer.

  • “Waiting for the other side of the commercial break to see if the judges really do commit to accepting ‘larnyx’ for larynx’,” one X user says referring to Matt’s mispronunciation.
  •  Another echoes, “@Jeopardy no way ‘larnyx’ is the same as ‘larynx’.”
  • “@Jeopardy (7/1/24) Are standards really so low that we must accept “larnyx” for larynx? #Jeopardy.”
Jeopardy fans question the call. - X
Jeopardy! fans question the call. – X

Jeopardy! Stick To It

While it created a bit of an uproar, Jeopardy! stuck with its decision. Redditors gave their thoughts on the judgment.

  • On Reddit, a fan says, “How in the world did they accept ‘larnyx’ as a correct response for ‘larynx’.”
  • “They say pronunciation doesn’t count, but they routinely count answers wrong when the spelling and pronunciation don’t go together – ‘larnyx’ is just not a conceivable way to pronounce ‘larynx.’ We were expecting them to come back and correct the score on that and they didn’t. It really soured the whole game for me.”
  • “Yeah, that was unbelievable. How on earth can that be considered an acceptable answer when historically the judges have been total sticklers for pronunciations. That imply an extremely incorrect spelling.”
  • “It was pronounced laranyx, which, as a former speech pathologist, is an annoying unacceptable pronunciation.”
Matt Brooks' pronunciation causes controversy. - Jeopardy!
Matt Brooks’ pronunciation causes controversy. – Jeopardy!

Redditors Discuss Further

However, some of the Redditors defend Matt Brook’s pronunciation and Jeopardy! ruling in his favor even if they didn’t like the sound.

  • “From my experience, larynx is pronounced like that in the US south frequently. In school, my biology and anatomy teachers both pronounced it that way. It always lead to a visceral cringe throughout my body.”
  • “I thought I was pronounced ‘Larnyx’ since that’s all I have ever heard in the Midwest.”
  • “I’m Midwestern too, was curious if maybe this is a regional thing!”
Matt wins at the end of the day. - Jeopardy!
Matt Brooks wins at the end of the day. – Jeopardy!

What do you think about the acceptance of the pronunciation? Do you think it should have been counted wrong? Are you enjoying Ken Jennings leading Jeopardy!? Drop your comments below.

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  1. On yesterday’s show Kelly Pruexl answered “Churchill Down” for where the Kentucky Derby was, omitting the S. Ken accepted it as correct. But today she answered “Bridalveil Falls”, adding the S, and was judged incorrect.

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