‘Family Feud’ Steve Harvey ‘Going Home’ After Recent Question

Steve Harvey on Family Feud | YouTube

Steve Harvey often shows shock at many answers on Family Feud each and every game. However, what makes his shocking faces and comments even better is his look when the answers are right and actually on the board. That just happened again.

Here is the question and why the answer has Harvey ready just to go home.

Steve Harvey Exhasberated At Family Feud Answer

The recent Family Feud questions have been getting stranger and stranger lately. It has many fans frustrated with the show. Even getting past the people who don’t understand why the show is called Family Feud (it is families competing – not a family show), many feel things are getting too vulgar lately. 

Steve Harvey - Family Feud - YouTube
Steve Harvey – Family Feud – YouTube

However, the most recent question was not vulgar but just strange. Even worse was when a woman answered the question, and Steve reacted as if it was a ridiculous answer. “Name an animal in Alaska that a wife might train to attack her cheating husband.” Steve read from off his card.

The woman answered, “A Bear.” Steve threw his card down and said, “Boy, come on.” He flung his arms, making it seem like it was a ridiculous answer, and then turned to the board. “Bear” was the number one answer on the board, and Steve just stared at it in shock. He then walked to that family’s side and said he could “go home” because he “don’t care no more.”

He looked at “Bear” on the board again and then said to the next family members, “Katrina, whatever.” The next answer was “Penguin,” and the board gave it to her for “Eagle/Bird,” and Steve was just even more exasperated.

Steve Harvey Had An Even Cringier Question Last Week

While this question had some wild answers, Steve Harvey had a question last week that disturbed him greatly. “What might a dumb guy buy from a hardware store for a do-it-yourself vasectomy.”

Before the first contestant answered, “Screwdriver,” Steve just stood there saying, “hum…” a couple of times. He looked completely in shock. That wasn’t on the board, and the next guy said “scalpel” and got it right for “knife/blades.” Steve never felt comfortable with the question or any of the answers.

Neither team could even get half the answers right, with one person even guessing “a watch,” which made no sense to Steve or anyone watching from home.

What are your thoughts on the Family Feud questions lately? Are they either too vulgar or mostly ridiculous, or is this just how the show has always been? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I think that the show is getting a bit ridiculous with some of the questions. I believe that the show should be more of a family oriented.

    1. I agree. I’ve stopped watching because it is too much for me. I’m 77. This was suppose to be a family show, but nearly all the questions are geared to sexual answers.

  2. You’ve got a TV remote. Turn the Channel. I look forward to watching Family Feud after a long days work.

  3. I haven’t been watching it for awhile now but I liked it. It’s ridiculous that the questions are getting so personal. It’s a game that families watch. Steve needs to get with the people who come up with the questions and say get your heads on straight or I’ll walk. They also need to take a break and start a new season of show’s.

  4. (1) Too vulgar/trashy!
    (2) Too many questions with Mr. Harvey as the focus…they shouldn’t be about him!

  5. Me and my mother both love to watch family feud with Steve Harvey as host for the show.. we think he is great at hosting the family feud show. but we have noticed that the question and answers have been vulgar and dumb.

  6. The show is not a family show Steve Harvey and the writers have turned it into a prono show

  7. Questions people write-in or just too raunchy, when it comes to having to explain some of the answers to young teenagers. Not all kids are nasty sexy knowledgeable kids. I don’t like Steve constantly touching his groin area either, what’s up with that? Answer me that one.

  8. Yes, I agree. Questions are ridiculous and contestants just getting more vulgar and nasty with their answers. And they think they are cute with their stupid answers.

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