Drew Basile Reveals Knowing Final Answer & Why He Didn’t Say It

Drew Basile - Jeopardy!

Undeniably, Jeopardy! player and Survivor alum, Drew Basile, was an interesting contestant. While he didn’t advance, he reveals he knew the final answer, but discusses why he didn’t say it.

Drew Basile Struggles Through The Final Episode

Although Drew Basile put up a good fight, his reign has come to an end. While he stormed the stage his first night by taking down the fifteen-day champ, Adriana Harmeyer, his last dance was a struggle. Racing through the first day, Drew was quick-witted and razor-sharp, allowing him enough leeway to use the Final Jeopardy! question as a joke while still gaining the title “giant killer.” However, after his seventh-day winning streak, he was feeling the strain from the marathon. Undoubtedly, the score was a bit hairy during his last battle of the minds. As a self-proclaiming “know-it-all,” it faired well for him for most of his streak. However, he confesses he knew the Final Jeopardy! answer against Cat Pisacano and Andrew Fox but didn’t say it.

Drew Basile - Jeopardy!
Drew Basile – Jeopardy!

Drew Basile Has A Brutal Last Round

Many Jeopardy! fans watched Drew Basile shift his stature and grasp for the words to write during the Final Jeopardy! question on June 28. When going into the round, the category was “Notable American Women.” Then, the clue was, “In her autobiography, she tells of a rather ‘singular coincidence,’ that one of her Swiss ancestors was a teacher of the deaf.” Visibly distraught, Drew was having a difficult time knowing what to write as the time ticked away. Finally, he wrote, “Gallaudet,” with great dissatisfaction. Both his opponents claim the correct answer, “Helen Keller” and Cat Pisacano steals the win with her final total of $11,500. But he explains why he didn’t write down the correct answer.

Drew Basile is struggling during the final round. - Jeopardy!
Drew Basile is struggling during the final round. – Jeopardy!

Drew Basile Reveals Knowing Final Answer & Why He Didn’t Say It

During a post-interview with Entertainment Weekly, Drew Basile holds to the fact he knew the answer. He says, “Jeopardy! is fatiguing.” Then, he elaborates, “By the end of the taping day I was exhausted. I had had a terrible Single Jeopardy round, making all kinds of mistakes.” Admittedly, he boasts reassuringly that he knew the answer, “The amazing thing about Final Jeopardy was I knew the answer.” Further asserting, “I knew it was Helen Keller.”

He couldn't think of the name. - Jeopardy!
Drew Basile couldn’t think of the name. – Jeopardy!

However, he talks about why he didn’t say the right answer, “And I was so exhausted I couldn’t remember the name. I knew I got it wrong.” Having drawn a blank, Drew confesses, “I was just so tired, for the life of me I couldn’t remember Helen Keller’s name.” Furthermore, he says, “That comes down to a little bit of youth. That comes down to inexperience.” Although it was on the tip of his tongue, he couldn’t manifest it for the win this time. But he will be back for the Tournament Of Champions. He declares, “And hopefully with a little bit of more practice, that’s a correctable mistake.”

Drew Basile makes the Tournament Of Champions. - Instagram
Drew Basile makes the Tournament Of Champions. – Instagram

Adrianna Harmeyer Feels His Pain

Likewise, Adriana Harmeyer spoke similarly to Drew Basile’s account on the Inside Jeopardy! podcast. Notably, both lost their winning streaks at the end of filming long days. Normally, Jeopardy! films five episodes in a row in one day. However, since Adriana had a 15-day winning streak, hers happened to be at the end of three consecutive days of filming back-to-back episodes. She recalls, “By the third day, I could feel it wearing on me a little bit.” Then, she explains, “I just did my best to fight through it and keep going as best I could to focus on buzzer speed and keep remembering things. An unusual experience, I think.”

Adriana Harmeyer - Jeopardy!
Adriana Harmeyer – Jeopardy!

What did you think about Drew Basile saying he knew the correct answer? Can you imagine the fatigue of taping multiple tense episodes at once? Are you enjoying Jeopardy! with Ken Jennings? Drop your comment below.

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