‘Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Buddy Bell Reveals Family Tragedy

Buddy Bell and his band

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Buddy Bell has revealed some terrible news that just happened to his “family.” The news came via a social media post by Buddy, who posted the sad news along with some photos of his family during this tough time in his life.

Here is what happened to Buddy Bell.

Buddy Bell’s “Little Brother” Wil Dies

Buddy Bell posted on Instagram that his “little brother” Wil died in a car accident on Saturday night. This has hit the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star hard, as he wrote, “I don’t remember a time when life felt so pointless.”

Buddy Bell Instagram
Buddy Bell | Instagram

It seems tough for the entire family. Buddy said that Courtney Marsh Bell told him it feels like “the party is over, and nothing has ever been more true.” He then went on to say that he doesn’t see anything ever being fun in his life again.

Wil is not Buddy’s real brother, but he considers him as much. He said he met Wil when he joined his band Farewell when he was only 15. He said that he was in his 20s, so it was like Wil was their “little brother,” and that is how he considered him until this tragic death. He said that they were always overprotective of Wil, which makes this death even harder to accept.

“I’ll miss being able to text him about whatever new obscure annoying thing I’d observed,” Buddy wrote. “He usually knew exactly what I was talking about and had a story of his own.”

Fans Come To Buddy Bell’s Side During Mourning

Buddy Bell went on to write that there is now a huge hole in their lives, and they have to learn how to deal with it. He said that out of all his friends, Wil would be the one who was there trying to cheer everyone up, and he is now gone.


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“I’m so glad we got to do a reunion show in 2022. It was something we’d talked about doing for years and had plans to do more of,” Buddy said. “Thank God we don’t have to regret putting that off.” He then finished by asking for photos and videos of Wil for memory’s sake.

Fans sent their condolences on the post:

  • “I’m so sorry to hear this – will keep you and Court in my thoughts”
  • “So sorry for your loss Buddy! He sounds like a great dude who a lot of amazing people in his life.”
  • “So sorry Buddy. It’s always hard finding meaning in everyday life when you’re grieving a death. Thinking of you and Courtney.”

Please help send your best wishes and condolences to Buddy Bell and his family in the comments below.

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