’90 Day Fiance’ Rose Vega Lost Fans Support With New Business

Rose Vega

90 Day Fiance star, Rose Vega, has lost fans’ support after sharing what her new business is. She is going to be opening her storefront. However, fans do not agree with what she is doing. She is best known for her relationship with Big Ed. Fans rallied behind Rose after seeing how Ed treated her. Keep reading to find out more about what she is doing to lose fan’s support.

Rose Vega And Big Ed

Rose Vega and Big Ed were in a relationship. However, people did not like how Big Ed treated Rose. When he went to visit her, he was rude to her about many things. He was rude about her breath stinking and how she needed to shave her legs. After viewers saw how he was treating her, they rallied behind Rose. They did not like Ed and gave Rose all of their support. The two ended up separating and both had tried their part in new relationships. None have worked out the way they wanted.

Rose Vega of 90 Day Fiance
Rose Vega of 90 Day Fiance [Image @rose_vega_official/Instagram]

Her New Business Venture

Rose Vega has lost the support of several fans due to her new business. She is opening a vape shop. People do not agree with what she is doing.

  • “Vape shop? Ugh I thought it was a beauty parlor”
  • “Vaping is so unhealthy. Now you’re going to prey on a poor population of people and make them sicker. You would have been better off making a juice bar”
  • “I understand that due to the circumstances, people must start businesses that mainly have sales, i don’t judge her. She is a single mother and tries to give her son a better life”

Regardless, she is opening her new business on July 5. She has to provide for her son. Some people congratulated Rose on her new storefront. Some felt as though she is doing what she needs to do. However, she has ruined her reputation to fans.

90 Day Fiance Credit: Rose Vega Instagram
Credit: Rose Vega Instagram

It seems that Rose is opening a vape shop. People do not approve of this. However, she is not going to let the hate stop her. She said this was a dream of hers. This confused viewers as they did not understand why you would dream of opening a vape shop. However, she is not getting the support she had hoped for and is not the most loved right now. What do you think about her new business? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. She isn’t forcing the customers to use the product. Good for her being a business owner and taking care of her son.

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