‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Family Reunion, Who Was There?

Kody Brown - Sister Wives

Recently, Sister Wives fans caught a glimpse of Kody Brown on the move. Likewise, several other family members were heading to the Brown Family Reunion over the past few days. But who is attending?

Kody Brown Is In Wyoming

When some Sister Wives fans caught wind of Kody Brown traveling, it started a conversation about what was happening in the lives of the Browns. But some avid fans helped piece together that it is time for the Brown Family Reunion in Wyoming. In addition to finding the answer to why Kody was in Wyoming, fans were astonished by how short Kody is in real life. While the family is getting together, it is the first reunion since Garrison Brown’s passing other than his funeral. Although Garrison isn’t going to be there in person, he is most certainly there in spirit with his family. But who else is attending?

Meri Brown, Robyn Brown, Kody Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown from Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced from YouTube
Meri Brown, Robyn Brown, Kody Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown – Sister Wives

Other Family Members Confirm They Will Attend

On Reddit, Sister Wives fans had many clues about who is attending the Wyoming Kody Brown Family Reunion. Likewise, some of the family members gave updates about traveling and who they would be connecting with at the reunion.

  • One Redditor says, “Janelle and Maddie are in Wyoming for a family reunion, and Janelle said some of her other kids were meeting her there. Kody is probably there for that. Christine posted about a road trip with Truly and then another road trip shortly after so I think she might’ve driven Truly there and maybe dropped her off (or made the trip in two legs, idk). Mykelti mentioned a family reunion shortly after Garrison’s passing and said they might be doing something for Garrison there.”
  • “Janelle mentioned that Christine will be in Wyoming too.”

The Family Doesn’t Say They Will See Kody Brown

In an Instagram video, Janelle Brown mentions she will be seeing Maddie Brown, Caleb Brush, and their babies for the Fourth of July holiday in Wyoming. Furthermore, she talks about some of the other “kids” being there.

Janelle Brown shares she is taking a trip to be with her family in Wyoming over Independence Day. - Instagram
Janelle Brown shares that she is taking a trip to be with her family in Wyoming over Independence Day. – Instagram

Additionally, she tags Gwen Brown Queiroz, Leon Brown, Audrey Kriss, Aspyn Brown Thompson, Mitch Thompson, Savannah Brown, and David Woolley. Likewise, Janelle was excited she would see Christine Brown Woolley.

She says she is happy to see family. - Instagram
Janelle Brown says she is happy to see family. – Instagram

In a follow-up post, Christine, Janelle, and Maddie Brush were together celebrating their small reunion which may be a precursor to the big Brown event. Earlier in the year after Garrison Brown’s funeral, Mykelti Brown Padron gave fans an update that there would be a Wyoming family reunion in a few months. However, a Redditor notes, “Mykelty and Tony mentioned the family reunion and the fact that they weren’t there this year. I’m glad Truely got to go, though.” Seemingly, Christine and Kody Brown are still attempting to work together for Truely’s benefit.

They reunite in Wyoming. - Instagram
Christine Brown Woolley, Janelle Brown, and Maddie Brush reunite in Wyoming. – Instagram

Kody Brown Goes To His Hometown

Unmistakably, it is shaping up to be a big event for the Browns. But in each of the family travel updates, none of the family mentions Kody Brown. However, Kody’s family ranch is located in Lovell, WY, which seems to be the rallying point for the extended family get-together. Additionally, no news was revealed as to whether Robyn Brown and her clan will be in attendance.

  • Redditors continue, “I could be wrong but I think the family ranch is in Lovell, WY.”
  • “Probably up visiting Grandma Genielle…”
  • Honoring Garrison will most likely be a forever part of their reunions now. One person notes, “Also where Garrison is buried…”
  • “Kody’s family is from Lovell, WY, about 30 miles from Cody. My in-laws are from Lovell and I attended a funeral there. Cody was the closest town to shop for clothes. Lovell was pretty small then.”
  • “Ha! Yeah his family farm where he grew up.”
  • “Somebody posted a photo of him in Cody maybe last week or the week before.”

What do you think about the family getting together for a Brown Family Reunion? Do you think the majority of the family will make the event? Do you think Robyn Brown and her kids will attend with Kody Brown? Have you heard of any others heading that way? Are you ready to see more episodes of Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.


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