‘Sister Wives’ Gabe Brown Brings The Laughs With Recent Attire

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A recent photo of Gabe Brown has Sister Wives fans chuckling. Gabe is in Las Vegas with his mom and brothers, and it looks like the group is having a spectacular time. So, what has fans laughing at Gabe’s attire? Keep reading to see the photo Janelle Brown shared of her son.

Janelle Brown Shares Photos Of Her Vegas Trip

Janelle Brown took to Instagram to share a couple of snapshots of her trip to Vegas. Apparently, she was in the city for a Plexus convention and her children have taken the time out to join her for a few events. Logan Brown joined her as her plus one for a black tie gala.

The pair grinned ear-to-ear for a selfie. The Sister Wives star captioned the photo, “One of the great things about Plexus holding the convention in Vegas is they my kids are here.”

Logan Brown and Janelle Brown - Instagram
Instagram/Janelle Brown

In a separate post, Janelle shared two photos of a family dinner. Logan and his wife, Michelle Petty, were present along with Hunter, Gabe, Janelle, and two of Janelle’s friends, Ronda and Michelle.

Janelle wrote in the caption, “Final night in Vegas I had dinner with my Vegas tribe and some dear friends Ronda and Michelle. Gordon Ramsay’s Pub & Grill at Caesar’s was fantastic.” She tagged her kids in the post. Then, she wrote that she included a photo of the “table shenanigans” in the second shot.

Sister Wives fans took to the comments to show love for the family, telling Janelle they were happy to see her with her kids. “It makes me happy to see that you and your kids have tightened your circle of love around one another and with trusted friends,” one person commented.

Sister Wives Fans Laugh At Gabe Brown’s Shirt

However, Several people noted something about Gabe Brown’s shirt that made them laugh out loud. “Gabe’s shirt,” one fan wrote with a laughing emoji. Others took to Reddit to talk about his attire.

Gabe Brown can be seen in both photos wearing a black t-shirt that says “I’ve Tried Polygamy” in the corner. Obviously, given the family’s history, there is some humor about the words written on the shirt.

Gabe Brown, Hunter Brown, Logan Brown - Instagram
Instagram/Janelle Brown

Reddit user shared a photo of Gabe and said that the t-shirt made them laugh. Another Redditor commented, “Sometimes all you can do about a bad past situation is laugh about it. Happy to see Gabe smile.”

Janelle Brown took to the comments on the original Instagram post to inform her followers where the shirt came from. Apparently, the Sister Wives star has had the shirt for several years. It is a shirt for a beer called Polygamy Porter, which is made by Wasatch Brewery in Utah.

Either way, the irony of the shirt was not lost on Sister Wives fans. It gave everyone a good laugh.

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