‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Beating Kody Memory To Death?

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Is Sister Wives Christine Brown Woolley beating her ex-husband, Kody Brown’s memory to death? Some fans are questioning if she is having a problem completely breaking free from him. So, what has them thinking this? Keep reading for more details.

Sister Wives Christine Brown Beating Kody Memory To Death?

When Christine Brown Woolley chose to leave Kody Brown and the plural family, she knew it was the right decision. Kody had already made it clear that they would no longer be intimate and that he was not attracted to her for some time. More than that, he was not invested in their children and his fourth wife, Robyn Brown was his favorite. However, making the decision to move to Utah was a whole other beast because Kody tried to sway her from leaving Flagstaff. Yet, her older kids were there and she truly felt that it was home for her.

Christine Brown-Instagram
Christine Brown-Instagram

She has been having an amazing time in Utah as she found her soulmate in David Woolley. The two tied the knot in October 2023 in front of over 300 guests and thirteen of the Brown children. At the same time, some fans are questioning why Christine keeps bringing up Kody if she has moved far past him. Recently, she was on a trip and stopped at a gas station. It was the one where she and Kody had a date and she got the infamous nachos which completely repulsed him. Now, on July 2nd, she brought up nachos again as she and her husband sat and ate them together.

Christine Brown Woolley joked that he likes the way she eats them which led fans to start a Reddit thread. Though the OP loved it, others wondered why she had to keep beating this memory with Kody:

  • IDK… I kinda wish she’d stop giving Kody another thought. 
  • Trolling the ex means you still think about him.
  • If she is so happy with her new man/life she needs to let it go.
  • This is bordering on pathetic.

Move On Already

Some Sister Wives fans equated Christine Brown Woolley to a teenager with the way she cannot get over the nachos story. More so, they think she needs to get over it already. They pointed out that if she is so happy with David Woolley, why does she have to rehash this horrible memory? It seems she cannot let it go and that is a problem. Some thought it was an old clip as she had talked about the nachos prior but it clearly was not.

Do you think Christine needs to let the past stay where it belongs? Let us know in the comments below.

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