Kaitlyn Bristowe Under Fire For Dirty Post About Underage Niece

Kaitlyn Bristowe/Credit: YouTube

Kaitlyn Bristowe made an off-color joke involving her underage niece and Bachelor Nation fans have a lot to say about it. Keep reading to find out what she said.

Kaitlyn Bristowe Under Fire For Dirty Post About Underage Niece

Kaitlyn Bristowe has never been one to shy away from spilling the tea on her own romantic life. But one recent social media post put her underage niece on blast and fans were not happy about it.

The former Bachelorette took to Instagram to share a celebration she had with her niece. The snapshot showed Kaitlyn and her niece toasting drinks. She clarified in the caption they were were drinking “virgin cocktails.”

Bachelor Nation fans didn’t have a problem with the 16-year-old drinking mocktails in the afternoon, but the next part of Kaitlyn’s post raised eyebrows.

Kaitlyn Bristowe from her Off The Vine Podcast, YouTube
Kaitlyn Bristowe from her Off The Vine Podcast, YouTube

She wrote that they were celebrating something big happening in her niece’s life. “(And no not her losing her virginity….)” Kaitlyn wrote.

The post was shared on Kaitlyn’s Instagram Story, which doesn’t allow for public comments. However, Bachelor Nation fans took to Reddit to share their reactions to the caption.

Bachelor Nation Fans Call It ‘Gross’

A lot of Redditors didn’t appreciate Kaitlyn Bristowe’s joke about whether her niece is a virgin or not. One person who saw the post jumped on Reddit to ask others what they thought and if they agreed with the OP’s assertion that the caption was “hella inappropriate.”

The OP also blocked out the young girl’s face with a facepalm emoji.

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

Other Reddit users quickly piled on, agreeing that Kaitlyn’s post was gross. Check out some of the comments:

  • Call it a mocktail instead and don’t bring up a minors virginity at all…. Gross
  • I’d be beyond angry if my sister posted this about my minor child to her 1.8m followers.
  • She is an attention seeker and posted this knowing people would be rightfully disturbed. Such a freak.
  • A joke about a MINOR’s virginity on a platform where hundreds of thousands of grown men follow you is fucking weird. How anyone could take a pause and not conclude, “this should not be posted” is lacking some good judgement here.
  • I get that she’s playing off the virgin but still gives me the ick
  • Who even is this? That’s so inappropriate to say, especially about a minor. KB is gross.

But not everyone had a problem with the joke. One person wrote, “Are you kidding me there are almost 200 comments on this? You guys, RELAX. It was a bad joke, it’s gonna be alright.”

What do you think of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s post about her underage niece’s virginity? Share your reaction in the comments.

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