Is Maurice Benard Leaving ‘General Hospital?’

General Hospital Maurice Benard - YouTube/State Of Mind With Maurice Benard

Sonny Corinthos has been a main character on General Hospital for decades and Maurice Benard has been in that role the entire time. However, reports have recently been circulating online that Maurice is planning to leave the daytime soap opera. This has left fans concerned about the future of Sonny’s character. So, is there any truth to the rumors? Keep reading to find out.

Maurice Benard Has Spoken Out About Leaving GH

Prior to starring in General Hospital, Maurice Benard played Nico Kelly in another soap, All My Children. It has been his role as Sonny Corinthos that has been his claim to fame though. The role on GH has helped him win several Daytime Emmy Awards. So, to hear that he might be planning to leave the show is shocking for many long-time viewers.

Maurice has been candid about his plans to eventually quit the show over the years. In November 2023, someone on Facebook told him he should retire and he posted a cryptic response saying, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Maurice Benard - YouTube/General Hospital
Maurice Benard – YouTube/General Hospital

Before that, Maurice reflected on his career as an actor. During an April 2022 episode of his “State Of Mind” podcast, he said that he was happy with his role on General Hospital. However, he admitted that the “happiness” he felt in his role came in “waves.”

“Acting isn’t what it was when I was young,” he said. “Sometimes it’s difficult, and it hits me in places… that I don’t like, like ugh.”

Is Maurice Exiting General Hospital After Season 61?

If Maurice Benard did leave General Hospital, he said that his main focus would be on his “State Of Mind” podcast. He said he would want to bring the program to a place where he could make a living just doing the show on YouTube.

The GH star explained, “There’s less pressure here for me, and I can still work with the mental health. I don’t know when, but soon enough, I’ll be done with. Sorry. I hate to say that, but it’s the truth.”

Maurice Benard - General Hospital - The View, YouTube
Maurice Benard – General Hospital – The View, YouTube

Sonny Corinthos has been a main part of the storyline on General Hospital since 1993. If Maurice came forward and told the writers on the soap opera that he was done and ready to move on, they would have to find a way to make it work with their current story. Whether that is his character’s death or a recast, it has yet to be seen.

There is some good news for fans. Right now, there is no confirmation that Maurice Benard is planning to leave General Hospital following Season 61. Neither Maurice nor any producers on the show have revealed that Sonny will be killed off this season. So, fans can breathe easy for now.

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  1. I’m ok with Maurice retiring. It’s been a good run, but his persona is so tiring now. We don’t need a mob element anymore. And it’s harder to justify allowing criminals to walk free, even on a tv show. We have enough in real life, with one running for highest office in the land. Enough. Seriously. And lastly, his character needs to go away so others can flourish and take new paths without being lured back into his orbit. It isn’t healthy.

    1. I know it’s a shame what the Biden family can get away with or dems in politics in general

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