Fans Slam Mama June Shannon, ‘Better Wake The Hell Up’

Mama June Shannon - YouTube/WE tv

Mama June Shannon gets a lot of hate online for various reasons. Many people don’t like the way she treats her daughters, and the internet exploded when they found out that she stole money from Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson. However, fans recently brought June’s sobriety into question after rewatching some of the series. Here is why they think Mama June needs a huge wake-up call.

Fans Question Mama June’s Recovery Efforts After Watching

One Reddit user took to the online platform to discuss Mama June’s recovery. They informed the other people on the message board that they just completed From Not To Hot and Road To Redemption.

“Holy crap,” they wrote. ” Of ALL the ‘characters’ in this dysfunctional drama, June is the most disappointing and WRONG! How dare she come back sober after a year and a half of neglecting her kids DEMANDING that they forgive her AND Geno, overlooking her absence.”

Mama June Shannon - YouTube/WEtv
YouTube/WE tv

The person continued, revealing that they are in recovery and it has taught them to be “humble, honest, and make amends.” This is something that Mama June hasn’t done at all. In fact, the person pointed out, she’s done the complete opposite of that. “Life is never going to work out for her until she humbles herself,” the person concluded.

Has June Shannon Ever Truly Gotten Sober?

Other fans agreed with the original poster. One person wrote, “Her recovery, to me, has always been questionable. In true recovery, at least in my experience, there is soul searching, taking inventory of the way you have hurt others, admitting these things with complete humility and honesty, and looking at your part.”

They continued, saying that recovery also means that you don’t continue doing the same things you did before you got sober. This includes the way Mama June treats the people around her. The WEtv star has continuously made excuses about her behavior, blatantly lies, and refuses to accept accountability for her actions.

Justin Stroud Rips Mama June Shannon - WeTV - YouTube
Justin Stroud Rips Mama June Shannon – WeTV – YouTube

“IMHO, she has NEVER gotten sober,” the person concluded. “Truly sober. She may have stayed away [from] her illegal drug of choice for a while, but hell, she has so many others (drugs, men, food, shopping, etc) she just jumped from one to another.”

Unfortunately, many people seem to think that this will continue for Mama June unless she makes some serious changes in her life. The chances of that happening are slim, one fan pointed out.

“Nothing will give her the [that] wake-up call,” the person wrote on Reddit. “She is making the same mistakes over and over again.”

New episodes of Mama June: Family Crisis are now airing on WEtv on Fridays at 9 p.m. EST.

Amanda Blankenship


  1. This show is a farce and nothing we see or hear is real. Not even the house were to believe Pumpkin lives in. Producers /edit people suck at their job. One scene we’ll see one color on the steering wheel and a second later the color changed. Just 1 example.
    Also I have a video/recording of pumpkin Alana and eventually June on TikTok cursing out fans calling them the most horrific names saying no one has more coins than them that their fans work at Waffle House to support all their kids with different baby daddy’s. Alana was more disappointing but Pumpkin was screaming every other word a curse word while her kids are crying. But they were also bragging how they all, including June, get along and go on family vacations and June owes Alana no money. It’s all a storyline for ratings.
    Yea so this show and family is a lie and for god sakes, DO NOT DONATE OR SEND THEM MONEY!

  2. I used to enjoy watching this show but it is getting ridiculous. Mama June better realize what’s she’s got because one day she’s going to loose everything including her kids (again), grandkids, and her poor husband who I feel sorry for. One minute she’s so lovey dovey and next minute she’s turned on all of them. She does need a wakeup call but it may be not what she wants!!!! One day she will regret all that she’s done to everyone who’s tried to help her. She probably won’t ever change but hopefully everyone else can go on with their lives and do better including Alana. Whom I admire because she’s getting an education in order to better herself and living her life like she wants.

  3. If that whole June owing Alana 36,000$ is a fake storyline then they are all amazing actors and need to go to Hollywood to further their career! Alana was screaming and balling her eyes out, pumpkin was flipping out, and Justin seems so angry he had veins popping out his head! To me there really seemed to be some truth behind it cuz let’s be real none of them are that good at acting.. c’me on now! Lol

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