Deon Derrico Reveals Selling Home Prior To Divorce Filing

Deon and Karen Derrico - DDWTD

Recently, Doubling Down With The Derricos star, Deon Derrico, revealed the family home was sold far before the divorce was finalized.

Karen And Deon Derrico Selling The House Before Announcing Divorce

Although Doubling Down With The Derricos fans have been sad to see Karen and Deon Derrico go through a divorce, it seemingly is an amicable decision. However, it was a bigger blow when fans watched the preview for the season finale which showed that the Derrico family home was sold long before they announced the divorce proceedings.

Deon Derrico reveals the house sold before they announced their divorce. - DDWTD
Deon Derrico reveals the house sold before they announced their divorce. – Doubling Down With The Derricos

Deon Derrico Leads Family In Appreciating Their Home

In the clip for the Doubling Down With The Derricos season finale, fans got a glimpse of the family reminiscing about leaving their home. Furthermore, it shows Deon Derrico leading the family through appreciating the house before they let it go. “This house has been the OG that has really seen a lot of y’all,” Deon reminds Karen and their kids. “Remember, the younger five babies, they only remember this house,” he points out they have only lived there. Undeniably, it moves Karen to think about “bringing the babies home” to the very house they are leaving. Then, TLC shows a scene when Dawsyn, De’Aren, and Dyver meet their older siblings.

Karen Derrico has fond memories of the older kids meeting the triplets. - DDWTD
Karen Derrico has fond memories of the older kids meeting the triplets. – DDWTD

Memory Lane

In like fashion, the kids took turns thinking of ways they would miss the house. One memory includes the delectable “hot cacao” Deon Derrico made with a mix of caramel added in. Furthermore, they thought of celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas. It came with a joyful flashback of Deon’s nephew, Amani, announcing GG would be a great-grandma. However, Deon also discusses the health issues that Amani has experienced for some time and continues to battle in the present time. Additionally, they talk about putting up Christmas decorations which also leads to a sad memory of hanging an ornament for Carter after they lost one of the babies from the second set of triplets.

The kids remember he makes the best hot chocolate. - DDWTD
The kids remember Deon Derrico makes the best hot chocolate. – DDWTD

Karen And Deon Derrico Plan More Good Memories In The Future

During the clip, Karen Derrico reassures the kids that good memories will be part of their future as well. She says, “We have a lot of sweet, fun memories here,” relating to their kids. “But Poppy and I are gonna make sure that we create good memories in a new house.” While the news of the family house selling is undoubtedly a huge transition, it airs one month after Karen and Deon Derrico filed for divorce. But the family remains confident they will find ways to continue to be a family. Although the divorce was sad, they went through the filing and settling in just two days. It was finalized on June 6, 2024. Although they don’t show the new house, the finale may reveal where they go next.

Karen & Amani - DDWTD
Karen Derrico & Amani – DDWTD

Now they are navigating what life after divorce looks like for the Derricos. Admittedly, they intend to share custody of their thirteen minor children. Offering a joint statement, “Together, we remain unified in the parenting of our 14 beautiful children – their well-being is our priority.”

Catch the Doubling Down With The Derricos finale on Tuesday at 8/7c.


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What do you think about Deon Derrico revealing the house sells before their divorce? Is it surprising to you? Are you ready for the finale of Doubling Down With The Derricos? Drop your comments below.

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