‘Bold & Beautiful’ Murder Mystery Storyline Unfolds, Who Dies?

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Bold & Beautiful fans have been busy speculating which character(s) might be killed off this week. There is going to be a murder mystery on the daytime soap opera soon, but it isn’t clear who the victim will be. However, fans think they have it figured out. So, who is going to be getting the axe? Continue reading to see what fans are saying.

Will Tom Be Killed Off This Week?

Spoilers for upcoming episodes of Bold & Beautiful have been released and fans are eager to see a murder mystery play out on the soap soon. One spoiler revealed that Tuesday’s episode will involve an “unexpected death” that will kick off a “sizzling summer mystery.”

Many people believe that Clint Howard’s character Tom will be the one that is killed off. Toward the end of Monday’s episode, Tom drank a sip of his blue cocktail, which he left out of sight for a period of time. After he drinks from the glass, he seems to pass out. This has many viewers thinking that his death may be the one spoilers are hinting at.

Bold & Beautiful Clint Howard - YouTube/Rachael Ray Show
YouTube/Rachael Ray Show

“Is Tom about to bite the dust? He’s the only unexpected death I could see in the cards on canvas at the moment,” one person wrote in a Bold & Beautiful message board. “Yep. It would seem that Tom is the expendable one for now,” another person agreed. “I think it will be Tom too. Sad considering he is getting his second chance,” a third person responded.

There are several other things that point to Tom’s death being inevitable as well. Last week, he made claims that he is Luna’s dad. This will likely cause significant problems in Poppy and Bill’s relationship.

On top of that, he let it be known that he dug into Sheila Carter‘s past. When Sheila found out, she lightly threatened Tom to keep his mouth shut. As all Bold & Beautiful fans know, being on Sheila’s bad side is never a good thing.

Other Bold & Beautiful Casting Changes

While it’s clear one character will be killed off this week, another actor has made his return. Ted King took a break from the soap world to focus on Oppenheimer last year. Now, he has reprised his role as Jack Finnegan. His character was shown having a run-in with his estranged wife, Dr. Li Finnegan. Prior to his hiatus, he was last seen in June 2023.

Ted King - YouTube/Maximo TV
YouTube/Maximo TV

Other casting changes have been made on Bold & Beautiful recently as well. Crew Morrow, soap opera royalty, has been cast in the role of Will Spencer. His first episode will air on August 1.

Jamison Belushi, the daughter of comedian Jim Belushi, will also be joining the B&B cast. She will play the role of a lab technician in the July 17 episode.

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