‘Bar Rescue’ Jon Taffer Reveals Shocking Redesign Secret

John Taffer from Bar Rescue, Paramount, Sourced from YouTube

Bar Rescue fans love seeing host Jon Taffer completely revamp a struggling bar. With a temper to match Gordon Ramsay, Taffer does everything in his power to rehaul bars and shape them into a profitable establishment. But there are plenty of production secrets that viewers don’t know about.

Like many other reality television shows, there are plenty of behind-the-scenes tricks that bring the show together. But plenty of fans don’t realize how tight of a timeline John Taffer has.

John Taffer Shares Bar Rescue Backstage Tricks

Bar Rescue first aired back in 2011 and will put out its 250th episode this year. It’s a major milestone and host John Taffer couldn’t be happier to be with the show.

However, it’s not always an easy, straightforward process. Taffer spoke with Us Weekly to promote the show and give fans a sneak peek into the creative process.

John Taffer from Bar Rescue, Paramount, Sourced from YouTube
Bar Rescue/Paramount

“We take the employees and owners, put them in vans in the parking lot, and I go in and design the bar that night,” the Bar Rescue host explained his process. “I have about a half hour to come up with a concept.”

Of course, that’s not much time at all to completely redesign an entire bar. In the interview, Taffer went on to reveal that many of these last-minute changes are very noticeable to fans with eagle eyes.

“If you look at an episode of Bar Rescue carefully, you’ll notice that after the remodel, very often the bar stools don’t match. That’s because we have to get everything in 24 hours,” Taffer admitted in the interview “I can’t get 60 of the same stools in 24 hours, but I can get 20 of this style, 10 of that style, five of this style.”

Some Of Taffer’s Former Remodels Have Been Wildly Successful

Although the establishments remodeled on Bar Rescue have had varying degrees of success, John Taffer is incredibly proud of several.

“When we left Spirits on Bourbon, their revenues went up about two to $3 million a year for 10 years,” he told Us Weekly about the New Orleans-based bar. “The owners literally just sold the business for millions of dollars.”

Later in the interview, he revealed there’s a telltale sign when a project has been a smashing hit.

“I know when I walk out the door because when I’m successful, you can see it,” Taffer shared. “[The staff’s] posture changes a little. They have more confidence. Their facial expressions are more serious. They’re bouncing around. You can see the ones that really went through a transformation just as easily as you can see the ones that didn’t. The ones that didn’t have no bounce in their walk, no motivation and no energy. Most of the time, the ones that I think are going to fail do — and most of the time they’re the ones that you as the viewer would think are going to fail, too.”

Did you feel shocked to learn that Jon Taffer only has a brief window to come up with an idea for a makeover? Do you think you could do that if you were in his shoes? Don’t forget to add your voice to the conversation and share your thoughts in the comments.

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