What Led To ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Drew Basile’s Shocking Downfall?

Drew Basile - Jeopardy!

While several Jeopardy! fans were rooting for champ Drew Basile to meet his demise, others were enjoying his gameplay. However, the final day had some shocking problems that fans noticed led to his downfall.

Fans Have Mixed Feelings About Drew Basile

Undeniably, many fans were ecstatic to see a crossover between Survivor and Jeopardy! Seeing a familiar face on TV is an interesting way to get to know more about a person. However, as Drew Basile’s confident personality took the stage for Jeopardy!, not everyone was a fan of his playing style. Many found him to be a “sore winner” and often too “obnoxious.” But some people really like how he livened up the stage with his enthusiasm for being correct. Undoubtedly, the show was a glimpse of the arduous process contestants face while playing the game.

Drew Basile - Jeopardy!
Drew Basile – Jeopardy!

Drew Basile’s Luck Runs Out

Before the final match, Jeopardy! fans had commented on Drew Basile’s seemingly “sloppy” playing and believed they were seeing the writing on the wall for what would end his streak. On Friday’s episode, there were several shocking turns of events. While racing to grab his eighth win, Drew faced opponents Andrew Fox and Cat Pisacano. In his lucky fashion, Drew found the first Daily Double. Taking a big swing as usual, with only $200, Drew bets $1,000. But he misses the answer and drops to -$1,400 at the end of the first round. However, his competitors were giving him a run for his money with Andrew having $200 and Cat leading with $3,400.

Drew Basile is struggling during the final round. - Jeopardy!
Drew Basile is struggling during the final round. – Jeopardy!

As the game continues, the Double Jeopardy segment shows Drew miss two more Daily Doubles with $5000 down the drain. Even with the loss of the doubles, he still maintained the lead with $9,600 at the end of the round.

He couldn't think of the name. - Jeopardy!
Drew Basile couldn’t think of the name. – Jeopardy!

However, Cat was sneaking up on him with a solid second place of $5,800 and Andrew tailing with $600. Andrew got the Final Jeopardy! question correct giving him $1200 at the end. Likewise, Cat had the correct answer boosting her $5,700 and she had an ending total of $11,500. When Drew answered he got the question wrong, not being able to find the name, “Helen Keller.” Sadly, he wagered $8,399 and fell to an ending total of $1,201 surrendering his winning streak.

Drew Basile takes second to Cat. - Jeopardy!
Drew Basile takes second to Cat. – Jeopardy!

Fans See What Went Wrong

Undeniably, some fans had warned that Drew Basile’s style was going to catch up with him. Many felt like he was relying too much on the Daily Doubles. But after the Jeopardy! match fans discuss Drew’s strange game on Reddit and examine what led to his downfall.

  • “I suspect Drew was just fatigued.”
  • “It just felt like the long filming day got to him.” Furthermore, the user states he probably knew the answers to the questions he missed.
  • “Am I the only one who thought [the Final Jeopardy] was the easiest question, and was thoroughly SHOCKED Drew missed it??”
  • “I was shocked by his play the entire game.”
Ken Jennings - Jeopardy!
Ken Jennings – Jeopardy!

Some People Are Really Going To Miss Drew Basile

While some Jeopardy! fans can return after their boycott, others are sad to see Drew Basile leave. However, he successfully secured his spot in the Tournament Of Champions so he will return. Furthermore, his seven-day winning streak earned him $129,601.

  • “I’ll miss Drew so much. I loved him.”
  • “Congrats to Drew on his impressive seven-game run, and for being so much fun to watch!”
  • “Terrific game!”

What did you think about Drew Basile’s run on Jeopardy!? Were you shocked by his final game? Do you believe the fatigue of the long days finally caught up with him? Drop your comments below.

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