‘The Price Is Right’ Fans Accuse Drew Carey Of Rigging The Game

Drew Carey - YouTube/The Price Is Right

Fans of The Price Is Right are slamming the show’s host and production team for “rigging” the games. Following a perfect spin, many viewers are wondering if there’s someone in the famous wheel controlling everything or if there is some other way production is rigging the whole thing. Continue reading to see why people are accusing The Price Is Right team.

The Price Is Right Contestant Wins Big On The Wheel

Normally, viewers are ecstatic when they see a contestant win. However, a recent player’s surprising win has fans asking questions about the show’s production.

In the game Showcase Showdown, contestants get to spin the big wheel. The objective is to get the highest cumulative amount closest to 100 on the wheel without going over. Each contestant gets two spins to achieve the goal of 100 (or less).

A recent contestant who appeared on The Price Is Right was able to do just that, but the perfect spin had some fans raising their eyebrows.

Drew Carey - YouTube/The Price Is Right
YouTube/The Price Is Right

“Boom!” Drew Carey yelled after the contestant, Zamone, spun the wheel and got two 50s. She raked in $1,000 and Drew was astounded, but her good luck didn’t stop there.

Zamone then got to approach the wheel for her bonus spin. The Price Is Right host explained that if she landed on 5 or 15, she’d win another $10,000. If she spun the wheel and it landed on 100, she’d get an additional $25,000.

Her spin got heartbreakingly close to 100, but it wound up stopping on 15, which was still good news for Zamone. “$10,000! $10,000!” Drew screamed as he high-fived the contestant.

Fans Question If The Game Is Rigged After Zamone’s Win

Many viewers at home were thrilled to see someone win big on the wheel, but others weren’t so sure that it was luck that got her the win.

One fan commented on Instagram, writing, “Either this entire show is rigged or just the wheel is rigged. They pointed to the frequency of “1.00 spinners on the show” as their proof for making such a claim. Another person exclaimed, “She had the PERFECT spin.” Several other commenters suggested that the wheel is being “controlled” by someone in the background.

This isn’t the first time viewers have accused the game of being rigged either. In the past, people have pointed out inconsistencies in the outcomes.

Others were excited to see someone win. “That was truly something,” one person wrote. A few viewers thought that the spin was “So fun to watch.” The Price Is Right host shared those sentiments, visibly excited by Zamone’s big win.

“Everybody wants to see people win,” he has said in the past. “People eventually started cheering for each other. It’s not my money — it’s CBS’s money, and we’re all trying to take it together.”

The Price Is Right airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for details.

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  1. Oh I truly believe that wheel is being controlled By someone behind the scenes ! How many times do u hear, no no no keep going, or stop stop stop, etc ! Sadly, I totally believe that big wheel is being controlled ! I’m hearing more and more negative things abt this show and it used to be my fav ! Even the win at home, I swear it called me and when I answered it disconnected, so they didn’t have to pay !! Come on drew !!!!

  2. People that think this show is rigged must also be Trump supporters that believe in every conspiracy under the sun! Stupid! Put the tin foil hats back on your heads for better reception!

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  4. you people out there think it’s your God given right, to know everything ! get over it, it’s a TV show ! It’s not your personal account ! GEE

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