‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Shares Beautiful Reunion Pics

Christine Brown Woolley-YouTube

Sister Wives star Christine Brown Woolley is sharing beautiful reunion photos. She has been enjoying her life since leaving Kody Brown in 2021. Not only did she find love and get married but she has been traveling all around. So, who did she reunite with? Keep reading for more details.

Sister Wives Christine Brown Shares Beautiful Reunion Pics

Christine Brown Woolley has been having so much fun since leaving her husband, Kody Brown, and her plural marriage. She realized she was being underappreciated and that she deserved more love than she was being given. Kody was never around and spent most of his time with his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. Both Christine and her six children were being neglected so she decided it was enough. Therefore, she opted to move to Utah where her older children lived, where it felt like home. Luckily, she found her forever husband in David Woolley and the two tied the knot in October 2023.

Christine Brown-YouTube
Christine Brown-YouTube

She has stayed close to the children from her sister wives, Meri Brown and Janelle Brown. Together, the three ladies have thirteen kids and they are all very loved, showing up for the lavish Woolley wedding. Christine and Janelle are even in business together. Maddie Brown, Janelle’s daughter along with Christine’s daughter, Mykelti Brown, have teamed up and are doing quite well. Now, Christine has reunited with Janelle and Maddie and she is sharing the happy moments on her Instagram.

The three posed, smiled, and laughed in the quick reel which Christine Brown Woolley said was “SO needed.” So many fans and followers were thrilled to see the former sister wives still having such a close connection with one another:

  • I just love seeing you guys spending time together💕
  • Beauties!! You will always be family ❤️❤️❤️
  • Yall made my day!! Here’s to many more! Sending bug hugs and all the love!❤️
  • It’s so wonderful that you all have such a love for each other. ❤️
  • They need their own show ❤️

New Season Incoming?

Fans are wondering when the new season of Sister Wives will begin. At the same time, there is some concern about how it will go as the family lost Garrison Brown in March 2024. He passed away from an apparent suicide so some fans and even close friends had said that they did not think the show should go on. However, it does appear to be moving forward but what will be shown is still up in the air. It is likely that they will show the lead-up to David and Christine Brown Woolley’s wedding. More so, it will show Mykelti being pregnant with her twins, as well.

Are you happy that Christine, Janelle, and Maddie have reunited? Let us know in the comments below.

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