‘Owning Manhattan’ Jonathan Nørmølle Exposes Fake Realtors

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Jonathan Nørmølle has come forward with some shocking claims, exposing the production team on Owning Manhattan. The real estate reality television program, which airs on Netflix, recently made the decision to fire Jonathan. Now, he is airing the show’s dirty laundry for everyone to see. Continue reading to see what he’s revealed.

Jonathan Nørmølle Says He Planned His Exit From The Show

Drama is unfolding in the real estate world right now as Jonathan Nørmølle comes forward with some shocking claims. Radar Online reported that Jonathan has alleged that he orchestrated his exit from Owning Manhattan.

It was previously reported that Ryan Serhant fired Jonathan, but the former Netflix star said that he wanted out of his contract so that he could pursue other things.

Ryan Serhant - YouTube/Netflix

Jonathan said that he had planned his departure from the show for a while. He claims that he became disillusioned when he found out that the Netflix show hired a cast of “fake agents.”

Ultimately, Jonathan Nørmølle says that he wanted to get out of Serhant with the goal of creating his own business. He said he no longer needed the brand to get where he wanted to be in his career. So, he orchestrated his brutal exit from the reality TV series.

Were The Owning Manhattan Stars In Competition?

“The only way I could get out of those contracts was if I got Ryan mad enough for him to fire me,” he has explained. “And the only way I could do that is by saying all these things like; Ryan had done nothing when he was my age, whereas I have been on Forbes under 30.”

The Owning Manhattan star continued, “I made my first $100 million my first year in real estate. I was on the cover of Downtown Magazine, I was Rookie of the Year, and I won Most Influential Broker at Broker of the Year Awards.”

He said that he continued to go on and on about all these things until Ryan Serhant got mad enough to fire him on television. “Instantly these contracts were completely void,” he said.

The sour relationship between Jonathan Nørmølle and Ryan Serhant followed a year of casting calls for agents for the show. Jonathan has claimed that the agents who showed up weren’t genuine.

On top of that, Jonathan never auditioned to be in the Netflix series either. It was actually Ryan who convinced him to join the show.

Ryan has since responded to the buzz going on about the situation. He has doubled down, saying that his main focus is on creating a positive work environment at Serhant. “As a CEO, I’ve had to really focus on the two B’s when managing people, which is the business and the behavior,” he said. “I’m working on building something really, really big. This is unlike the other shows that follow people who are just focused on themselves.”

Since leaving the show and Serhant, Jonathan Nørmølle has launched his own business and is working to establish his own real estate empire.

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