Lauren Graham & Kelly Bishop Have ‘Gilmore Girls’ Reunion

Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, and Kelly Bishop on TODAY, NBC, sourced from YouTube

Gilmore Girls concluded several years ago, but fans still enjoy rewatching the mother-daughter classic. Now, a few of the stars have had a sweet mini-reunion.

Lauren Graham starred as quirky Lorelai Gilmore, while Kelly Bishop played her no-nonsense mother, Emily. It’s been several years since the women shared the stage together, but they recently caught up as if no time had passed.

Keep reading to get the scoop on their reunion.

The Gilmore Girls Are Back Together

Gilmore Girls aired its final season in 2007. Netflix put out a four-part reboot in 2016. Although fans loved catching up with their favorite Stars Hollow residents, they weren’t wild about the reboot’s content.

Lorelai and Emily Gilmore were constantly at odds with one another. Thankfully, that’s not the case in real life. Avid Gilmore Girls fans will be pleased to know that Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop are still incredibly close after all these years.

Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, and Kelly Bishop on TODAY, NBC, sourced from YouTube

As seen on Instagram, the women recently went out together for lunch.

“Here’s to the ladies who lunch. #Kelly” Lauren shared on Instagram. She attached a selfie of the two women, looking incredibly stylish in their dark sunglasses.


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Gilmore Girls fans of all ages loved the photo and left comments on the post. Several made jokes about Lorelai and Emily Gilmore’s deal on the series about Friday dinners. Others poked fun at Emily’s affection for wine.

Even actress Beanie Feldstein wrote, “literally all that matters to me.”

Other Instagram comments included:

  • When Friday night dinners turn into Friday lunches. >>> Hope you both had two glasses of wine 😘”
  • Please tell me she ordered TWO glasses of wine at lunch! 💕🎀”
  • Does she ever just yell out at lunch, ‘Lorelei!!’ Please say she does!”
  • It looks like no time has passed! 🥰”

The Former Costars Speak So Highly Of One Another

Kelly Bishop and Lauren Graham aren’t the most active online, so fans don’t often know about their personal lives. But apparently, the women grew quite close during Gilmore Girls and kept their friendship alive off the set.

“Kelly Bishop is another example of what I’m talking about in that passage, of the gift of having friends who are not your peers,” Lauren once said about her costar, according to Us Weekly. “I have a friend, she’s 80 years old. We go to lunch, we talk about the same thing. There’s no difference.”

Kelly Bishop will release her own memoir, The Third Gilmore Girl, this September. More than likely, she will share her own favorite memories of Lauren Graham in the book.

Were you excited to see that Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop are still great friends? Don’t forget to share your own opinions in the comments.

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