Kody Brown Spotted In WY, Fan Reveals How Short He Is

Kody Brown - Sister Wives

Recently, Sister Wives viewers spotted the illusive Kody Brown in an area they aren’t used to seeing him. While the discussion unfolds, one person points out how short the star is in real life after seeing him in Wyoming.

Kody Brown Appears Differently Than Expected

While Kody Brown is often proud of his appearance, Sister Wives viewers don’t always agree with his stance. Likewise, Kody has joked about his six-pack abs as the reason his wives were so attracted to him. And the man spares no expense on hair products for his golden locks. However, when one fan spots him far away from his Flagstaff post, they reveal he’s much shorter in real life than expected.

Kody Brown, Sister Wives
Kody Brown – Sister Wives

Fan Spots Kody Brown In Wyoming

While Kody and Robyn Brown are seemingly still living in Flagstaff, AZ, one fan sees him on the move. On Reddit, one fan wonders if Kody Brown has connections to Cody, WY. Furthermore, they say, “Does Kody have ties to someone in Cody, Wyoming? Ran into him at Walgreens in Cody on Monday 6/24/24. He was checking out and looking around constantly.”

Clue Round-Up

One Sister Wives fan caught clues as to why Kody Brown was in Wyoming.

  • “Janelle and Maddie are in Wyoming for a family reunion, and Janelle said some of her other kids were meeting her there. Kody is probably there for that. Christine posted about a road trip with Truly and then another road trip shortly after so I think she might’ve driven Truly there and maybe dropped her off (or made the trip in two legs, idk). Mykelti mentioned a family reunion shortly after Garrison’s passing and said they might be doing something for Garrison there.”
Janelle Brown shares she is taking a trip to be with her family in Wyoming over Independence Day. - Instagram
Janelle Brown shares that she is taking a trip to be with her family in Wyoming over Independence Day. – Instagram
  • Another mentions Mykelti Brown and Tony Padron having a reason to go that way. Saying, “Mykelty and Tony mentioned the family reunion and the fact that they weren’t there this year. I’m glad Truely got to go, though.”
  • Someone else remembers Janelle Brown mentioning Christine Brown Woolley saying something as well. They say, “Janelle mentioned that Christine will be in Wyoming too.”
Tony and Mykelti Padron/Sister Wives/Instagram
Tony and Mykelti Padron spoke about an upcoming reunion after Garrison’s passing. – Instagram

Fan Reveals How Short Kody Brown Is In Real Life

While the original poster acknowledges the reason, they say, “I thought it was something like that but wasn’t sure. I didn’t expect to see him when I walked in there. Lol.” However, they provide fans with details about how Kody Brown appears in real life. Another Redditor asks, “I think his family’s farm was in Wyoming? What else can you share about running into him?”

  • “He was talking to the cashier as he was looking around the whole time. It was like he wanted to be recognized. Either no one knew who he was or could have been like me and not cared for him! lol He was short and not attractive at all🤢 By the time I checked out he was pulling out the the parking lot. He was alone from what I saw. Driving a silver suv possibly an Armada.”
  • Another Sister Wives viewer exclaims, “Omg now I need to know how short. I’m picturing him like my size now 😂 (5’ 6”).”
  • The initial poster says, “I’m 5’4 so I would definitely say 5’6 at the most! lol.”
  • Someone says, “Would’ve never guessed it 😂.”

Home Sweet Wyoming

Several Sister Wives sleuths recall that the family ranch is in Wyoming. Winn Brown raised Kody Brown on a beautiful ranch in Lovell, WY.

  • “I could be wrong but I think the family ranch is in Lovell, WY.”
  • “Also where Garrison is buried…”
  • “Kody’s family is from Lovell, WY, about 30 miles from Cody. My in-laws are from Lovell and I attended a funeral there. Cody was the closest town to shop for clothes. Lovell was pretty small then.”
  • “Ha! Yeah his family farm where he grew up.”
Gabe Brown, Garrison Brown, and Kody Brown from Bob's Floral Instagram
Gabe Brown, Garrison Brown, and Kody Brown – Instagram

After Garrison Brown’s passing, Mykelti Padron had mentioned they were planning a Wyoming reunion. She said, “There’s a Brown family reunion in Wyoming. And a lot of my family, most of them, are going to honor him.” Seemingly, this is fitting since Garrison had a strong love for Wyoming and the outdoors. Likely, Kody Brown is returning “home” in honor of his departed son.

What do you think Kody Brown’s reason for being in Cody, WY is? Do you think they are honoring Garrison Brown? Are you ready to catch up with the family with new episodes of Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

Does Kody have ties to someone in Cody, Wyoming? Ran into him at Walgreens in Cody on Monday 6/24/24. He was checking out and looking around constantly.
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  1. Personally I think Kody is a narcissistic jerk. His bio says he’s 5’11”. He weighs 187 pounds. Pretty average height with weight.

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