Is Kimberly McCullough Heading Back To ‘General Hospital’?

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Two General Hospital fan favorites were reunited last weekend. Viewers were delighted to see an old on-screen mother-daughter duo back together after several years. Finola Hughes (Anna) and Kimberly McCullough (formerly played Robin) were spotted together. Now, fans are wondering if the appearance is setting Kimberly up for a return to Port Charles. Continue reading to find out.

Finola Hughes & Kimberly McCullough Reunited

Long-time GH fans were ecstatic to see the two women together again. The pair took a trip to Malibu to show support for Rob Lyles White. Rob is Kimberly’s partner and is also an artist.

Finola Hughes shared photos of the event and was excited to be reunited with her General Hospital daughter. She posted a photo of her side-by-side with Kimberly as well as a snapshot of Kimberly and Rob, and one of just Rob standing in front of some of his artwork.

Finola Hughes and Kimberly McCullough - Instagram
Instagram/Finola Hughes

In the caption, Finola wrote, “So in awe of Rob Lyles White’s beautiful show opening last night. Super cool, skater vibe, love me some Kimberly.” Kimberly McCullough replied in the comments, “Love you Fin! Thanks for coming out.”

The former soap opera star was over-the-moon happy for her partner following his art show. “So proud of my babe Rob Lyles White,” she shared. Then she commented on one specific photo, “I’ve always liked skater boys. But I love this one the most. Congrats on an amazing show!”

Is Kimberly McCullough Coming Back To General Hospital?

General Hospital fans know the last time they saw Kimberly McCullough in Port Charles was May 2021. The episode she appeared in paid tribute to the late John Reilly, who portrayed Sean on the soap. However, seeing her alongside Finola Hughes has viewers feeling nostalgic about Kimberly’s time on the soap opera. Several people took to the comment section in hopes that she’d make another return.

One person wrote, “When I’m 100 years old, the sight of you two will still warm my heart and make me feel like I’m 14 years old, watching GH after school, in 1985!” Another commented, “Our favorite mother/ daughter duo.” A third person wrote, “Aww. My GH nerdom got me excited to see you with Anna/Finola Hughes. So cute.”

Kimberly McCullough - YouTube/State Of Mind With Maurice Benard
YouTube/State Of Mind With Maurice Benard

Several other people commented, saying how good it was to see the two General Hospital stars together again. Others wanted to know if there was a possibility that Kimberly McCullough would return to the soap in the near future. Oftentimes when two stars are seen together like this it is a sign that they’ll be working together again.

Unfortunately for fans, there aren’t any plans to bring Kimberly back to General Hospital any time soon. Viewers will just have to coast on the nostalgia of Robin’s character from all those years ago.

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