‘General Hospital’ Taking Hiatus First Week Of July 2024, Why?

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Normally, your favorite soap operas air a new episode every weekday. However, this week there is going to be a switch-up on General Hospital. The long-running soap is going to go on hiatus during the first week in July. So, viewers should expect to see a re-run in the middle of the week. Here’s why.

Why Is General Hospital On Hiatus The First Week In July?

GH fans can expect to see a familiar, and kind of old, storyline replay on their screens this week. ABC confirmed that the soap opera will be taking a short hiatus from airing a new episode one day this week.

The re-run will air on Thursday, July 4. This is due to the Fourth of July holiday. Rather than showing a new episode of General Hospital, the network will air an encore presentation of the episode that ran on July 7, 2023.

Nancy Lee Grahn - YouTube/General Hospital
YouTube/General Hospital

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until Friday, July 5 for the current storyline to pick back up. Once again, due to the holiday, it’s not likely that anything too exciting will happen until sometime next week.

It is not uncommon for the soaps to take breaks around major holidays in the United States. Soap operas like General Hospital are well-known for leaving viewers with a cliffhanger before going on a hiatus for Christmas or New Year’s. So, fans will want to be sure to tune in to GH in the days leading up to the Fourth.

What Episode Will Air On July 4th Instead?

The episode from July 7 of last year will air in place of something new.

The synopsis for the re-run episode is as follows, “Brook Lynn doesn’t want to be Tracy’s mole at Deception, but Tracy won’t take no for an answer. Later, at dinner with Chase’s family, Gregory’s innocent questions reveal BL’s ambivalence over her Deception job, which leads Chase to ask BL, why did she go back then?”

It continues, “Liz and Portia catch up on their recent relationship woes. Later at Metro Court, Liz and Finn come face-to-face and Gregory takes Violet home so the two can talk privately. TJ and Molly clear the air and decide to drop the baby talk for the time being. Kristina misses helping people and at EOD, Molly overhears Kristina say to Alexis that she could be a surrogate for TJ and Molly.

Maurice Benard - YouTube/General Hospital
YouTube/General Hospital

Viewers will also see the drama with Sonny, Dante, and Anna play out once again. The end of the episode’s synopsis reads, “Sonny asks Dante to be his best man at his and Nina’s fall wedding. Awkward moments abound when Jordan, Zeke, and Portia cross. And (not again!) … at EOD, Dante spots the flash of a rifle barrel pointing at Anna and Sonny as shots ring out at Metro Court pool!”

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