‘Family Feud’ Steve Harvey Threatens To Quit Show

Family Feud: Steve Harvey

Family Feud host Steve Harvey threatened to throw in the towel in recent scenes and hang it up for good as the game show’s host. So, what happened that caused Harvey to make such a brazen declaration on the set?

Family Feud: Steve Harvey Has Been Losing His Cool Lately

People have taken notice recently that Steve Harvey has had a much shorter fuse these days. Steve Harvey has built a career out of being quick on his feet and letting things roll. He always has a witty comeback or a clever retort up his fancy suit sleeve.

However, both viewers and top execs at the network have noticed the fact that the fan-favorite host seems to be more unhinged than usual. While it’s perfectly acceptable to take a jab here and there at players based on what they say on the show, there’s a fine line between witty banter and being downright mean. The way many see it, Harvey has crossed that line a few times.

Family Feud: Steve Harvey
Family Feud: Steve Harvey

Game Show Host Threatens To Quit On The Spot, Why?

With the rumor mill heating up that Steve Harvey could very well be on his way out of the Family Feud gig, it seems Harvey took matters into his own hands recently on the set. In recent scenes, the host asked the question: “If you switch bodies with your dog, what’s the first thing you would do?”

Not missing a beat, a Family Feud player responded with: “Lick yourself.”

Indeed, an emphatic Steve Harvey was energized by this answer. The host even walked around the set, yelling “YES!” Harvey didn’t yell just once, either, as he did it a second time. According to the popular comedian, he then yelled: “Lick myself all day. I would quit my job!”

Family Feud: Steve Harvey
Family Feud: Steve Harvey/YouTube

Family Feud: Marriage Woes To Blame For Steve Harvey’s Short Fuse?

There have been rumors going around that trouble at home with his wife may be the reason behind Steve Harvey’s short temper of late. There have even been rumors of Harvey’s wife being unfaithful. However, the married pair recently shared a public update while marking their seventeenth anniversary as a married couple.

Certainly, it’s interesting that Steve Harvey would joke about quitting his job while on the set of the game show, particularly with all of these rumors going around. With Steve Harvey as sharp as he is, this may have been a tongue-in-cheek way to clap back at the rumors.


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In addition, for fans who love Steve Harvey as the Family Feud host, they are hopeful that Steve Harvey joking about quitting the show isn’t a harbinger of things to come, particularly in light of all the things that have been said over the last few weeks.

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  1. If he leaves I’m done with the show.. he is funny and folks need to stop being so critical.
    He is very funny and entertaining.

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