‘Deadliest Catch’ Captain Breaks Down At Sea

Deadliest Catch Keith Colburn - YouTube/Discovery Australia

Deadliest Catch Season 20 is off to a dramatic start. Its first few episodes have already aired and the fourth showed Captain Keith Colburn facing significant challenges at sea. Despite the high stakes of the situation, many fans are calling out the captain for showing too much “anger” on the show. Continue reading to see what unfolded and if you think they’re right.

Captain Keith Colburn’s Boat Catches Fire Again

Each season of Deadliest Catch shows captains and their crews pushed to their limits. In the latest episode, viewers saw Captain Keith Colburn deal with problems on board the F/V Wizard. So far this season, he has delt with other boats laying pots on top of his to the Wizard actually catching fire.

Episode 4 was no different. Captain Keith and his crew have to deal with a power outage while they are out at sea. In complete darkness, you hear someone on the crew speak out.

Deadliest Catch Keith Colburn - YouTube/CBS New York
YouTube/CBS New York

They say, “We gotta pot we gotta get rid of.” The captain shouts back, “Push it over, get everybody away from it.”

As if things couldn’t get any worse, an electrical fire breaks out on board the board. A crew member informs everyone that “the breaker burned up.”

One fan took to social media to comment on the fact that this isn’t the first time the Wizard has been on fire. “That is totally crazy. And second fire the wizard has been dealing with,” they wrote. “Have to wait until Tuesday to see if it does more than Spark. @crabwizard I bet you got a few more gray hairs from this season.”

Deadliest Catch Fans Criticize Captain Keith

There is no doubt that being on a 371-ton fishing boat comes with a lot of stress, but that hasn’t stopped Deadliest Catch viewers from slamming the captain for the way he reacts.

In a Reddit thread, several people pointed out that the F/V Wizard was not initially built for crabbing, which makes things difficult. “The problem with the wizard is, it wasn’t designed to be a crab boat,” one person wrote. “It sits really low in the water and instead of riding the waves like the northwestern does, it punches through them.”

Another viewer added context, sharing information from the Wizard’s website. “It was apparently originally a Naval yard oiler,” they commented. “Then a molasses hauler before being converted to a crabber.”

Deadliest Catch Keith Colburn - YouTube/Discovery Australia
YouTube/Discovery Australia

On top of the boat not being made for what Captain Keith is trying to do, people think that he shows way too much anger on Deadliest Catch. 

Referring to the time Jacob set pots next to Captain Keith’s, one viewer called Keith “annoying.” The person continued, “His yelling and faux outrage is tired at this point. The captain of the Aleucian Lady called him to tell him what Jacob did. He didn’t have to do that. And you’re still going off?”

What do you think of the way Captain Keith is handling things on this season of Deadliest CatchLet us know in the comments below.

Amanda Blankenship


  1. Keith’s a drunken tool. His boat is unkempt
    and unsafe. There are many more qualified professionals crabbing but everyone loves a good dumpster fire so…

    1. Captain Keith talks a good game. Safety isn’t a priority to him. If it was, he wouldn’t be having fires on his boat. Plenty of Louisiana mud boats were converted to crab boats for the Bering Sea and have done quite well. It’s not his boat design. It comes down to being cheap and playing with everyone’s life for the mighty dollar 💵

  2. Captain Keith is a bully. he does not show compassion on the show abs is quick to judge others before knowing the whole story. We don’t know who he truly is because this is a show, but what we do see does not paint a positive picture of him.

  3. He’s a bully and obviously has anger management issues. He should have been off this show the first time he laid a hand on someone on that ship. it’s gotten so bad now He thinks it’s okay to assault a producer on board.

  4. i do think he needs to chill out sometimes.
    not good for your health.
    didn’t he have heart issues a while back

  5. He’s an angry, overbearing, pompous fool, and should not oversee the safety of an entire crew.

  6. Keith and Captain Bill on the Summer Bay are both hot heads. I’m surprised Keith hasn’t had an aneurysm . I don’t like seeing either one of those two, all that anger is uncalled for

  7. Capt Keith has huge anger issues. no one likes him, he is arrogant, pompous and has no compassion for anything or anybody. He needs to be removed from the show ASAP. I record episodes so I fast forward when the wizard comes up. how his crew tolerates his ass is beyond me. I wonder why his crew hasn’t made him, “walk the plank” ?

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