‘The Mole’ Season 2: When Will Rest Of Series Hit Netflix?

The Mole Season 2 on Netflix | YouTube

The Mole is back on Netflix with its second season of the reboot. However, not every episode was dropped on Netflix at the same time. That is not normal for the streaming series, but it makes sense for a reality TV competition series like The Mole. However, fans want more now.

Here is when The Mole will drop the rest of its Season 2 episodes.

The Mole Season 2 Only Drops 5 Episodes On Night One

The Mole dropped on Netflix on June 28. This is a reboot series from the original The Mole that aired on ABC from 2001 until 2008. There were five seasons on ABC, and this is now the second season on Netflix. While listed as Season 2, this is realistically the show’s seventh season.

The Mole Netflix YouTube
The Mole on Netflix | YouTube

The first five seasons of The Mole were released on TV weekly, as is the norm for network reality competition shows. However, Netflix has a reputation for dropping everything at once, but it makes an exception for shows like The Mole. The first season dropped the first episodes on October 7, 2022, and the last set on October 21, 2022.

This second season will play out similarly.

The first five episodes dropped on June 28. There are 12 competitors and thousands of dollars up for grabs. The biggest difference was when Al Shapiro replaced Alex Wagner as the show’s new host. He hosts the National Public Radio’s flagship news program, All Things Considered.

“The only reality show I have ever submitted an audition tape for in my life was the original Mole, Season 2. And I did not get so much as a callback,” Shapiro remembered concerning the show’s first run.

When Will The Rest Of The Mole Drop On Netflix?

The Mole Episodes 6-8 will drop on Friday, July 5, giving fans one week to consume the first five episodes before moving on to the next rounds. After this, the last two episodes drop on Friday, July 12. That is when viewers will learn who wins the reboot’s second season.

Twelve people are teaming up to find ways to increase the prize pot, and only one will take the entire pot home. However, the big twist is that one of the 12 is a Mole. The Mole exists to sabotage the others’ efforts and prevent them from adding money to the pot.

After five episodes, there isn’t much to go on when figuring out the Mole’s identity. The three biggest suspects seem to be Sean, Michael, and Muna. Sean has been lying to others so far in the first few episodes. Michael sabotaged the fortune cookie game. Muna refuses to help anyone in the first episode and also sabotages the fortune cookie game.

Who do you think is The Mole? Are you okay with Netflix spreading out the episodes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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