‘The Hills’ Audrina Patridge Caught Kissing Michael Ray

Audrina Patridge-YouTube

The Hills star Audrina Patridge was caught locking lips with country singer, Michael Ray. She actually took it upon herself to share the moment herself. Now, followers and fans of the two are wondering what it all means. Keep reading for more details on the situation.

The Hills Audrina Patridge Caught Kissing Michael Ray

Audrina Patridge has a thing for musicians and she has never hidden that fact. When she starred on MTV’s hit reality series, The Hills, she talked about how she would go to shows as a teenager. She even allegedly worked at a record company while on the show. Yet, no one knew what was real and what was staged during its six-season run and eventual two-season reboot. Audrina dated Justin Bobby Brescia who was a musician as well as Ryan Cabrera. Cabrera was known for his hits “On The Way Down” and “Photo” as well as his romance with Ashlee Simpson.

Audrina Patridge-YouTube
Audrina Patridge-YouTube

Even though she always held a special spot for Justin Bobby, Audrina married Corey Bohan and they welcomed a daughter, Kirra. Unfortunately, it was a toxic situation and the two divorced with her attempting to get her groove back in The Hills reboot, New Beginnings. Now, it appears that she has found someone that she really connects with who has been through a divorce and can relate to what she has been through. According to People, Audrina was seen locking lips with Carly Pearce’s ex-husband, country singer, Michael Ray.

Michael Ray, Audrina Patridge-Instagram
Michael Ray, Audrina Patridge-Instagram

Audrina Patridge captioned the sweet photo: “This one…” Apparently, the two have been liking each other’s social media posts for some time now. However, this is the first time that they have been shown together and it is one passionate posting at that. As aforementioned, Michael Ray had previously been married for eight months to Carly Pearce. She is currently on tour with Tim McGraw and making her rounds in the country music world. Yet, Michael has been open about the demise of his marriage, saying he knew it was over before it began.

Marital Transparency

Michael Ray has been very open about the ending of his marriage to Carly Pearce. According to Taste of Country, he said this:

“To be honest, I think I knew in the beginning, or around that time, that this was something we probably should have slowed down… We didn’t do counseling, we didn’t do any of that beforehand, and I think that — there was moments, that I look back now and I’m like, ‘Why didn’t I speak up on that?’ That was one of the first times I realized that her and I are opposite.”

So, does Michael want to get married again? In 2023, he said he was open to trying it again sometime in the future. More so, he does want to build a family and leave a legacy behind. Is Audrina Patridge the one that could make this dream a reality? Anything is possible.

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